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Are you...
tired, fatigued, letha​rgic,
stuck in life, love or career,
lacking of energy or purpose,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
not quite yourself​,
suffering from insomnia
or from eating disorders?

Welcome to 

The Metamorphic Way!




​​Founded in 2008 by Axelle Bonaparte, The Metamorphic Way has been voted London best alternative treatment runner-up by The Evening Standard and widely presented in national magazines as "the most indescribably delicious sensation", "an excellent way to Spring-clean your mind" after which "you'll feel serene, emotionally balanced and full of energy". 

The Metamorphic Way offers an holistic approach made of Metamorphic Technique, Tsuboki and Awakened Life Coaching for those who appreciate that the body's energy field & life force can maintain health and well-being. The Metamorphic Way offers a "complete M.O.T" allowing you to shift the unnecessary, relax, start fresh & clear-minded ready to shine your uniqueness with no apology. ​



Choose your preferred technique or a combination of them:

  • Metamorphic Technique focuses on the massage of the reflex points on the feet, hands & head. It is a self-healing technique, helping shift patterns and blocks "absorbed" during the time in the womb. It helps releasing trauma.feet.jpghands.jpg   
  • Tsuboki is a facial massage originally from Japan and is all about flushing out toxins & emotional residues adding a beautiful glow to your skin. It helps facial muscle toning, reducing lines and wrinkles. Regain your facial beauty with a natural facelift. No injection, no pain! Tsuboki es.jpg                
  • Awakening Life Coaching is all about powerful questions and practical exercises to reconnect with the core.  Self-development, well-being, happiness are some of the benefits. smily face.jpg                                                                                        Check each technique's specific page to see what suits you best or get in touch to discuss it. Always a pleasure to help.                                                                     ​

For more information or to make an appointment: 

call +44 7957 121 291

or email on



"For the person in your life who deserves some genuine TLC, Bonaparte’s healing hands have already worked wonders on many a Londoner. Her Metamorphic Technique — a contact- point therapy administered through the therapist’s fingertips — is used to treat everything from insomnia to anxiety." Emma McCarthy, The Evening Standard


 Check what Jacqueline Pigdon 
( Life Coach, Founder of Jina Life & Author of " Love Mondays now") has to say about her experience of The Metamorphic Way:


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 images.jpg​​ Spring clean ​your mind, your life, yourself and come back to the beautiful YOU! Try Metamorphic Technique & Tsuboki.


Cover2 (1).jpgMy book,"How to make your life work: daily guide to sanity" is available on Amazon (eBook or paperback)! No non-sense tips which will put a smile on your face. YES!​

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       ...Read full articles on the Press page. 



"Wow, what an empowering and liberating session! Thank you! I am excited to see what life brings to me, and to see what I can get out of life, too. Thank you for your inspiration, compassion and fun."​


Nadine S.

"You are a wonderfully sensitive and uplifting person who has a clear gift and passion for what you practice and this is both incredible and very inspirational to see, in so many ways." ​

Fatime Sy Savane
"...My sleeping pattern had improved beyond recognition. I am now relaxed and focused and full of energy. This has transformed my life literally."


"Had a treatment with this amazing lady last night...Cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I felt today, I can't explain how she does it, it's a must! Today I was full of positivity and gratitude I achieved so much mentally and physically today....Life is so great...Thank you so much I will definitely be recommending you and coming back again ...Thank you...X"​

Gina K.
"Just to say a huge thank you for my wonderful facial on the weekend! I slept really well for an hour afterwards and I was super relaxed all weekend long with glowing skin :-)"​

Dahne Comrie
"...Very satisfied with the metamorphic technique- and have recommended, has definitely helped in terms of inspiring me to be happier with everything, and feeling greater freedom to be open to all the possibilities in life."


Lucy Martin
"Now I feel amazing. I have a lot of 'get up and go' about me and felt clear enough to seek out information on beneficial/ healthy foods. I am undergoing a big change in my life at the moment, internally and hopefully externally too, and I feel that the metamorphic technique is and will be a big part of that."​

           ... Read more on the Testimonials page


save the children.jpgThe Metamorphic Way gives £5 from each session to Save the Children. ​