January 2018

Hello beautiful people and may I wish you the most magical year ever! May all your dreams come true and more. It is indeed time to move on as we’ve outgrown our little cocoon. Time to spread our wings and fly high. Come on 2018, bring it on!

Here is a new formula for my monthly newsletter: fast and furious and yet, some peace in your heart hopefully.

 None of that “new year, new you” business. Nothing is broken so nothing to fix. You are on a journey. You are perfect in your own quirkiness and you are essential for this Universe to work. Nothing to change. Instead spend some time finding out who you are and be the best version of yourself. Work on your uniqueness!

FAIL is nothing less than First Attempt In Learning. The only failure is not to try. So whatever you dream of, whoever you want, go for it. We only have one shot at this life. Listen to your dreams. They exist for a reason: to show you what is possible. They are just a taster of what you can have so go and get it, dammit!

I came to the conclusion that I prefer by far people who lost sight of themselves than those who never questioned themselves. And let’s face it, we never get lost. We just take a longer path.

As my 50th birthday is coming faster than light, I realize that my mantra is simplicity. The opposite of complicated doesn’t mean cheap and easy. It means congruent, obvious, common sense, clear, straight to the point. That might be the most challenging thing to maintain but let’s face it, I’m half way through my life…yes, 100 years old is my target so I may as well not mess around. Simple!

Please no drastic diet and other detox madness. Simple common sense: move more, balanced food and lifestyle. You know the deal and more importantly you know your body and your habits. Just make the decision of self-care.

Starting now: clean your closet (do you need all of this?) and bring the unwanted to charity; clear up your social media, computer and phone (do you know all those people… really?); identify any messy area in your home or life and face it (you know it); make a plan and go into action (start with a baby step); make your MOT (check your eyes, teeth, full body); clear any expired food or medicine; get a haircut; know where your money goes and deal with it; start something new and challenging; move furniture; write down what you want and be specific, take a deep breath and rest. You are good to go.

So you know the deal: be kind and gentle towards yourself. You have nothing to prove, nobody to please. It is one thing to know this in your mind, it is another to accept it in your heart and soul. Know it like you know it. If stuck or uninspired, let’s shift with Metamorphic Technique.

Let’s make 2018 a year to remember for all the best reasons.
Fall in love, go travelling, dare to set up your business, dream big and bold.
Sending you so much love and gratitude for being in my world.

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