February 2018

Hello beautiful people, February is all about love they say. No matter what time of the year it is, love is always around. Would you agree?

Few thoughts about love:

-Many think love at first sight is limited to physical attraction. I would disagree as in my opinion, it is instead “quantum” physical attraction. It is all energy based. We recognize each other energy like flowing on the same vibrations therefore we have something to experience together.

-Self-love / self-care is necessary. It does feel unnatural and pretentious as some do love themselves a bit too much in our society. However if we give our self-love away to others, we “dissolve” ourselves and end up drained. Like vampires, they can take our precious energy. It is our responsibility to put boundaries. Easier said than done. Remain in the present and within your body then you will feel when out of alignment. You know yourself. The relationship with the self and others wants to be even, balanced and fill with reciprocity. On this note, if you find yourself having to justify yourself then you are not surrounded by the right people. They don’t get you so time to move on. Self-love is step number one to any other type of relationship.

-Check in! Quite often we fill in space with action and lose focus on our core. What about going for a walk and slowing down? By doing so, we can listen to our “messages”, our inner voicemail and check in with ourselves. Let’s embody a smooth calmness which will allow our intuition to flourish. I wouldn’t say psychic ability as some get scared by that word. For me, it just means being congruent, in alignment or simply open your heart. Monty Don from Gardeners World said:  “Gardens are not a place, they are a journey”. I guess we could say the same for our own soul. It is constantly in movement, transforming and yet, remains within the borders of our Self. Going deep, aren’t we?

-Love from the Angels, beings of light and energy. Do you feel them all around you when you think of them? Some of us might prefer or refer to God, the Universe, Highest Consciousness , Energy or any other spiritual guide. Asking for help, support, guidance can be done from within as we might not always have someone around. Also offering them appreciation and gratitude as we simply recognize a moment of pure happiness. We pause, and mark this as a moment to cherish. My favourite is Michael and Gabriel for protection.  We have Raphael for travels, Ariel for environment and animals, Zaphiel for children and Laylah for newborns, Suriel for home and possessions.

-Nobody knows your body like you do. So let’s pay attention to cherish it and treat it well. Some food can be harmful if re-heated as bacteria and other fungi can grow when cooling down. Beets, mushrooms, carrots, spinach, potatoes, rice, eggs and chicken are some of them. Love your body.

Sentences I loved this month: -“Say you can and you will” -“If you don’t like it, change it” from Jennifer -“ Focus on the here and now”  -“ Keep looking forward” from Bryan. What would be your sentences of the month? Feel free to share.

Remember to treat yourself with some TLC or simply share the love, and treat your special one.

Sending you all so much love, now and always.


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