March 2018

Hello beautiful people, Spring is almost here. Let’s bring some extra sunshine to our life or to our lives… You tell me! The English language is full of beauty, and yet full of mystery. What a start! It’s going to be one of those very ” organic” newsletters. I can feel it giggling in front of my screen, seated on the floor. Here we go:

First, may I thank you all for the fantastic conversations we are sharing. Those are an exchange of life’s experiences, energy, tips of all sorts and more importantly an exchange of humanity. And boy, do we need this! Thank you for opening your soul to me as I open mine to you. Getting all sentimental  now, I guess.  It feels right though. “Organic” then sentimental, what can I say?
So should I share with you what I came across this month instead of getting all emotional?  Yes, please.

-Speech of the month: People judge and we all do to a certain degree however it is exhausting to see how some put us in a box with a label on it. Some can be pretty narrow- minded to say the least. Do we all want to be the same? We are all human beings yes however we are very much unique in our specificity. And that should be respected. Are we supposed to walk through life like zombies, wearing the same uniforms, thinking the same thing, working the same way? No. If someone has an opinion on us so be it. They are entitled to however why putting someone down just because he/she is different? Insecurity, fear, jealousy, a need to follow a group like a sheep … whatever it is doesn’t explain nastiness. Productive criticism is always welcome however some people are simply toxic. They are on a different journey, their own ones and that’s alright. We can be as spiritual as we want however we can choose to walk away from them as well. If it is not possible, let’s remind ourselves of your own power, our own inner and outer beauty, our immense capacity to remain true to our core. By doing so, we won’t appeal to those “hyenas”. And yes, I like Nature documentaries as they teach us a lot about Life. Spiritual yes but living in the real world too.

-Advice of the month: Trust your immediate inspiration if I may say. Some might call it intuition. Checking and re-checking trying to improve something can drive you mad. Just trust. Be in that moment, and see where it takes you. For example, I was reminded to write a letter to the “Self” about various areas of my life by the beautiful Anji. Did those in the past, and forgot a pretty crucial detail…Typical! So I wrote some new ones with all details hopefully this time however I thought I should start again. We know the story about: should, have to, must… don’t we?  And I couldn’t. Then read them again a few days later to realize that they were perfect. The right elements, the right tone. Just trust yourself more. And write those letters saying in the present tense what or who you have. You heard me: what you have or who, not what you want as it projects to the future still instead of the now. It is re-programming the mind in some ways.

-Inspiration of the month: This man has so much energy in some videos that I wouldn’t recommend watching him first thing in the morning unless you are a morning person. Saying that, he and his fiancée have an amazing view on life and great tips. Please check him out on Youtube. His name is Preston Smiles. With a name like that, it is pretty inspiring from the start, isn’t it?

-Revelation of the month: Thank you Mister B for letting me know about Ashwagandha, an Ancient medicinal herb which can be spread over food or drunk as a tea. It is said to help with either hyperactive or under-active Thyroid, inflammation altogether which is as we know the core of many “dis-eases”, depression and anxiety, lack of vitality and many more. Fascinating indeed and worth looking into if you wish.

Whatever you wish to do this month, take the time to listen to the birds. They are singing so loud celebrating Life whatever the weather. They are an inspiration.

Have a wonderful month. Sending you all so much love,


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