June 2018

Hello beautiful people, how are you? The temperature is rising, you are getting hotter. I like your style!

Thank you for re-confirming your details on my special Data Protection consent email. Felt like a needy girlfriend but had to be done! Now back to some giggle.

-No need to wear only Chanel No5 and be called Marilyn to know that sleeping naked all year around is very good for you. You are getting hotter by the second. It does help indeed releasing growth hormone and melatonin, slowing aging, and regulates weight. It also keeps those female areas healthier. The body naturally lowers its temperature during the night, and putting clothes on disturbs the whole process. Plus let’s face it, two naked bodies meeting in a bed can release also lots of tension…

-When not able to think freely, we can’t discover ourselves too busy maneuvering keeping the peace. Some of us didn’t have the luxury of self-discovery while growing up. Make sure to have the space to be. Plus too preoccupied by what is happening around us, we leave our inner life in the dark. Put yourself first, pay attention to you and the rest will follow.

-This month food:  apricots, blueberries, cantaloupe, cherries, figs, beets, cucumbers, green beans, leeks, kale, mango, peas, radishes, strawberries, avocadoes. Chocolate is all year around for those who wonder…

-Let’s not forget to stay hydrated and if water bores you to death, feel free to mix and match it with some sexy fruits. Try lime and lemon, watermelon and rosemary, orange and blueberries, kiwi and strawberries. Be creative!

-If exercise doesn’t stick with you for long, why not integrating it in your daily life: use the stairs, walk at least half an hour daily, weed the garden, dance in your living room, use a mechanical lawn cutting machine… the list is endless. Move your body in any ways you feel. It is getting hot here!

-Celebrate yourself for all the things you do. Enjoy every victories and when it gets tough, know that it won’t last. It will soon stop. Just carry on.

-Keep in mind that we are half way through the year. No pressure however remember what you wanted to achieve this year, and keep working towards those goals. Don’t give up. Just do it. It will pay off. It always does.

-Last but not least, I’ve decided to stop working through clinics and see my clients in the comfort of their homes. Let’s face it: it is pretty rough to have to get up and go to the tube after a session. So for the same price, I shall come to yours and look after you. This is more personal. Every little help.

Sending you all so much love.