August 2018

Hello beautiful people, holiday spirit no matter what. Let’s do this!

Whether you are laying on the beach, hiking on the hills or sweating in the office, here’s some distraction.

Jo Cranmore from Soul Revolution once said:”Big truth in life takes few words. Too many words sound more like a rationalization”. Love this girl! When the mind gets too involved, it is not always good news. Following your heart, listening to the body will tell you what you need to know. Just feel it!

Something she is touching on as well is karmic soulmate vs twin flame. We all know that a soulmate is someone who will teach you a lesson and will “leave” your universe once done. A twin flame is your life partner, and will remain in your universe no matter what. Your best bet is self-love which will elevate your vibrations therefore will attract someone mirroring this. Coming from love and not from fear is the only way. Love never hurts, people do. Simple!

One year from now, where do you wanna be?  Forget New Year’s resolutions, let’s do this now. Think about what you want, with whom and where. Then plant that seed with clarity in your mind then watch it grow day after day. Nurture that thought with love. And let’s talk again next year. You know what works and what doesn’t. You do. Think the change, be the change. Just start!

Stay cool no matter what. Keep your body fresh and your mind will follow. Hungry or dehydrated will make you tense and highly reactive. Light meals but more frequent, large amount of water with fresh lemon juice, siesta in the weekend, sleep naked, cotton clothing as much as possible, lay on the grass in the shade, light exercise…etc. You know your body. Just listen to it.

Plain Greek yogurt at night even for lactose intolerant will help you sleep like warm milk used to when we were children. It is also a light and healthy snack full of protein therefore nourishing the muscles as you sleep. I like it!

If mosquitoes are your worst enemies or other weird flies, get yourself a small bottle of Citronella essential oil and leave it opened at night. They will run for their life. The smell is not as bad as it sounds and the result is priceless. Nothing worse than the noise of mosquitoes flying around you at night. It’s war with Snow White so we are clear!

If you stay in town, get in touch for a session. A small price to pay for shifting blocks and patterns. De-stress, relax and shift. Sounds like holidays to me.

Whatever you do, just appreciate how amazing you are.

Sending you so much love,