September 2018

Hello beautiful people, back to school. Whoop whoop!

A week in France with family was enough to make me switch off so much that coming back to reality was quite a shock to the system. What about switching off more regularly, recharging batteries, breaking the routine more often? Food for thought.

The “back to school” feeling can bring some people down. Take it slow when the temptation is to rush around. It is a great moment as well to set a list of goals and write them down. By Christmas (God I just said the scary word. Oops!), I want to achieve so and so. Four months are largely enough to make a difference. After holidays, our mind is clearer therefore much more aware of what doesn’t work anymore for us. Do we want to stay in the same job? What relationship makes us happy or drains us? What can we do to maintain a better lifestyle, a healthy body, a peaceful mind in the long term? Writing it down makes it more real, our senses are more alert and ready to get into action mode. Just write it down and see what happens. Shine and let life send the light right back at you.

On this note, the “quick and easy” answer doesn’t always work. In our world of consumers, it becomes the obsession as well as the root of many issues: environment, break downs of relationships…etc. If it doesn’t work, we throw it and get a new one. Instead let’s try to look for “the other way”. Take a moment and try to fix it, talk about it, see all angles then get into action. In this way, you will have no regret. Try something new, the other way, the one you never tried before, stretch and see what happens. If you give too much, just stop. If you never dare to talk to that person, just do it. Let’s start the other way revolution!

A wise friend once said: “Common sense is not that common. Why do we call it this way?”. More and more do I see people acting like sheep and following the majority on automatic mode. Scary! Let’s keep aware of our surrounding, make our own decisions and not fall asleep. Our senses are our tools to keep ourselves alert so let’s keep them alive. Let’s keep life interesting.

Autumn is the time for collecting grapes and making some wine, isn’t it? I remember being bare feet as a child and squeezing grapes for hours in the South of France. Loved the tingling feeling in between my little toes. Amazing! Let’s keep the benefits of grapes which can help with weight management as they are packed with antioxidant flavonoids. They are anti-inflammatory, good for the heart and boost cognition. They can also protect your skin, lower risk of diabetes and maintain hydration. Always a good idea to eat what is in season so enjoy the grapes!

If you wish to shift blocks or patterns and start a new chapter, feel free to contact me for a session of Metamorphic Technique in the comfort of your own home. The other way is definitely the Metamorphic Way.

Lots of love. Always.



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