January 2019

Hello beautiful people,
Happy New Year to you all, and may 2019 be as magical as you are!

It’s good to be back after few months of “writing hibernation”. Thank you for all the comments and requests for me to write again. That means the world to me. I missed you very much. One question though: why do YOU want to put yourself through this again? In all seriousness, let’s have a giggle!

As MJ from Soulful Revolution once said: “Don’t outsource your happiness. Be it as it is an inside job”. Wise words as that energy/vibration will be then matched by the right situations, people and that special someone. Find your inner tribe then allow. Simple!

Hibernation has its benefits: pause, recharge, reconnect with self. It also allows you to revisit the past, make peace with it to be then fully present in the now, and be ready for a brighter future. It doesn’t mean staying on the sofa eating chocolates. Did I just say the magic word… chocolates? Let’s move on. I’m talking here about emotional hibernation: take a break, back off from the drama and the buzz. Just breathe. And have a chocolate, just one. Who am I kidding?

Roger Pol Droit once said: “We live as we think”. If you believe you can’t get what you want then you will get what you deserve. Outch!  True though. It is all based on self-worth so appreciate that your differences are your strength and not your weaknesses. Surround yourself with people who don’t make you doubt or justify yourself but who help you reveal who you really are instead. Stay away from those who criticize but never bring new ideas. As the Quietest Revolution once said: “What you are feeling is what you are creating” so nurture your identity, your uniqueness and stand up. Remember that big life decisions are not really based on facts but more on instincts so listen to yourself, to that unique little voice inside. And if things really go wrong (which they never do really) remember what Liam Bakes said: “If you are confident with mess, it’s art”. Here you go, all sorted!

Winter months can be rough on the body so let’s make it stronger in all gentleness with honey. There are so many different types of honey with specific benefits: Lavender honey can help with asthma, flu and rheumatism. Rosemary honey is antiseptic, and can help the liver. Lime honey can help with insomnia. Thyme honey is antiseptic, and can help with colds, bronchitis and intestines. Heather honey can help with urinary issues. The list goes on!
Don’t forget to scrub face and body, to drink lots of water (warm with lemon), use ginger and garlic to warm up the body, mix cinnamon and honey to prevent colds, use Echinecia drops to boost your immune system, walk as much as possible to catch some Vitamin D, eat good fats like Coconut oil and Olive oil, make casseroles by throwing anything in it (vegetables, fish, meat) and enjoy with friends. Life is good! Soon it will be Spring, and hay fever will start. Yeeha!

Sending you so much love.
It’s good to be back. Love you.

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