February 2019

Hello beautiful people,
Winter is definitely here so let’s warm up with some giggles!

Sometimes we are desperate for answers, and focus too much on those. What we want instead is asking clear questions which implies that we understand the current situation as well as our potential. Same for intentions: make them clear, concise and know that the Universe always says YES to whatever you put out there so watch out.

Little exercise for those who are not keen on sweating: lay down against a wall with your legs up against the wall. Hardcore exercise, isn’t it? Then stay there for 20 minutes, and let the magic happen. This will help your blood circulation, flush excess fluids, help digestion therefore your second brain, and your mood will improve. What’s not to like!

Winter is hitting us hard this year so let’s warm up our body. Ginger tea, Turmeric, chili, onions, porridge, Coconut oil, Cayenne pepper, brown rice, chicken broth are some of the food that will elevate your body temperature. Let’s not forget the warming effect when you share some homemade food. Surprisingly I’ve let go of my famous casserole, and have done some “serious” Gratin Dauphinois with some pancetta and coconut milk as well as some roasted mixed vegetables. All those smells and flavors coming from the kitchen make you feel warm all over!

Also knowing and appreciating the simple things many people don’t have: coming home late from work and appreciate a hot shower and warm bed. Knowing that my next meal is coming. Knowing that people love me and are there for me not matter what. Knowing that I’m alive and vibrant. All those feelings make me feel warm.

Be innovative and warm yourself up with some exciting teas like Licorice which can help with heartburn, sore throat and coughing. Marshmallow tea can help with inflammation, stomach or urinary issues. Beetroot, Ginger, Turmeric, Mango teas… be adventurous!

Keep it simple. I don’t know about you but I have no time for people who dwell on their own misery or play victim like a broken record. If not happy, change. If bored, move. If you want to change, be the change. Less in the mind, more in the body. Simple but effective. Come on boys and girls, dare to be happy, take a risk, make that phone call, cut your hair, shake it like there’s no tomorrow. Life is good!

Spring is coming. Smile, the Universe is watching.
Lots of love,

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