March 2019

Hello beautiful people, how are you doing? Let’s get some giggles.

This yoyo like weather brought hay fever to some (moi for example), and colds to others so Echinacea drops twice a day are the savior for hay fever but also a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of Cinnamon will reduce your cold to 2-3 days instead of a week. Thanks Lilian for this amazing tip!

For a month, I’ve stopped sugar therefore… chocolate, the one and only! And guess what, I’m absolutely fine. Don’t even miss it when it is bombarded in my face for Valentine day and Easter already. What is happening to me? Should I be worried? Well, peanut butter without palm oil is happening to me. Anyhow, I’m sleeping very well, my energy level is brilliant (pretty hype anyway), concentration level is well sustained, feeling lighter… Life is good. Don’t want sugar anymore. Let’s remember that numerous diseases feed on sugar, cancer for example. Many cultures with low or no sugar have very little cancer around if any. Food for thought!

Did you know how important it is to brush your tongue morning and night? You don’t even want to know how many bacteria live on it. What’s the point of cleaning your teeth, and leaving this area so dirty in the middle of them anyway? Let’s not forget that those bacteria cause bad breath and “travel” to the rest of your body. Now you are all clean and ready to lick… your spoon. Naughty! I like your style!

It is quite usual for me to nap on Sunday afternoon, and I love it. Usually waking up ridiculously early on weekends, I love resting in the afternoon. La Siesta has many benefits: it may improve memory, reduce snacking, reduce stress, heart disease, dementia and diabetes risks, improve sex drive, may reduce fine lines as well. I generally write my newsletter in no time after my Sunday siesta, less than an hour today! If your body needs to nap then allow to pause and recharge.

I definitely needed a nap today after doing 1h20 of Aerobics, bum&tum and stretching. So happy I found this DVD in a charity shop. The best 95p I’ve spent. It brought me back to the 80s when I was addicted to Aerobics with two French ladies called Veronique and Davina who were shaking their butty and the rest of it. Finding an exercise which brings a smile on your face is key. So find what you like doing and just do it!

Interesting how many stories end so close to the beginning to the point of not even starting. What we could have been is not just a song but a reality for many. Too focus on work, or simply in a big city where everything is rushed. Love seemed easier to access before. What changed? May be timing is not just quite right for now. It will be, and may be sooner than we think…

Have a fabulous month everyone!
If you need guidance, I’m always here to help, advice and support. You know me.
Lots of love,

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