April 2019

Hello beautiful people, Summer time began. Let’s do this!

My Sister did warn me that when you reach 50, you don’t waste any time, and she is so right!
As you probably know, I generally say things the way they are with a certain degree of gentleness of course however I won’t go around the bush. And lately is no exception, damn right! I guess it is all about simplifying.

You might remember my “Wintry Spring clean” moment earlier this year which brought a huge new energy in my life making place for a new job, new surrounding, new everything and particularly a new view on myself being appreciated and treated respectfully, the way it should be. As a result, I am seriously allergic to negative, judgmental narcissists. So I left Facebook which was the logical next step. Liberating and refreshing, I highly recommend it. Some social media platforms can be “Soul pollutants”. Watch out! Instagram is still on as it is more mature but then again, only time will tell. So how can you simplify your life in order to keep closer to your core beliefs, therefore yourself? You tell me.

As you know I also stopped sugar, and God do I feel the difference! Got a bit insane with Peanut butter for a while but then replaced it with Tahini. This sesame seeds paste is packed with minerals and vitamins: phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin E and B. It also helps detoxing the liver. It can also prevent anemia, maintain muscle tone and healthy skin. Highly alkaline, it can help reducing inflammation, and you know how strongly I believe in fighting body inflammation. Tahini it is. Sounds like Tahiti… bikini time. One letter and I’m gone somewhere else…Totally!

Simplicity goes as well for my very DIY beauty routine: brown soft sugar as body and face scrub, Rose water as facial tonic, green clay as facial mask, low key Nivea or Astral creams for face and body or nothing at all. Don’t worry, I do wear clothes. I don’t want to scare anybody, do I? Simple and effective.

Simplicity goes very much with relationships: too complicated, too demanding, too “ménage a trois”… Not my cup of tea. So if it means being alone so be it. Not wasting time. It is about maintaining a certain standard of self-respect. I’m pretty hot property so raise your game, sweety boy! I see you laughing, behave!

So beautiful souls, keep it simple. You are gorgeous inside out, just the way you are. Simple!
Sending you so much love. Always.