May 2019

Hello beautiful people!

22 years ago this month, I came to London for 2 weeks… Typical story of many immigrants. Home is where the heart is, and it doesn’t have to be dictated by borders. Those two decades have been fascinating to say the least, and not for the fainthearted. London is the love of my life. Love at first sight and love always.

I also turned 51 late April so I invested in a rowing machine, equivalent to 4 months of a gym membership I would never go to. This babe is kicking my derriere for now but I haven’t said my last word. The intention is for Snow White to be damn fit this Summer in her tiny bikini, and probably highly beige. As we all know, Snow White doesn’t do tan. It is either red or highly beige. I see you laughing, I do. And yes, highly beige can be a color. Just behave!

Let’s change subject: I know we are still unsure if Spring has kicked in just yet. Hay fever definitely did, damn it so it might still be a good idea to go for a cuppa. However let’s sex it up a bit! For digestion, let’s swap the peppermint for Marigold petals, Raspberry leaf or Licorice. For relaxation, let’s go for Jasmine flowers, Passion flower or Marjoram. For immune system booster, let’s go for Yarrow, Marshmallow or Eucalyptus. For a great skin, let’s try Hibiscus petals, Rose petals or Blackberry leaves. The list goes on. Nature is limitless!

Now may I introduce you to a theory of mine. By the way, now would be a good time to drink something a bit stronger, and hold on to your chairs. As you know, us French love watching people passing by and analyzing them in some ways.  As we know, the way people carry themselves can reveal a lot about them. Where is she going with this? And the shape of their cheeks (not on their face… the other ones) say a lot about their personality or lack of it. What? Let me explain: you have the wobbly one which doesn’t know where he/she is going, no clear focus or direction. You have the non-existing one, almost nowhere to be seen, lacking of personality or opinion, scared of life altogether. You have the insolent one, in your face go and get it kind of thing, almost arrogant but damn hot. You have the uptight one, tense, over controlling type. You have the undulating, sensual, dangerous one which could be either snaking or hot like hell. So which one are you? Now check the cheeks around you and test my theory. You might be laughing now but my theory works. Years of practice, trust me!
You are always entertained with my newsletter, aren’t you? Please give me some feedbacks on this.

On this note, carry on giggling!

And may I say that during those 22 years, I met many of you and reinforced friendships with many more. I’m so grateful to all of you. Thank you!
Lots of love,