June 2019

Hello beautiful people! Let’s see how Snow White is copping.

As much as I want to support bees and I do, mosquitoes are not my best friends, and if they could all be suicidal and plunge in vinegar, I wouldn’t mind whatsoever. You have to understand that they love me to a point of passion never equalized by all men on earth put together. I tried everything… about the mosquitoes, not the men obviously: no sugar diet, no sweet body lotion, lemon pieces around me, planted Geraniums, sprayed myself with lavender however nothing works. I always find one who will bite me in the most awkward and inappropriate places. My last hope is Citronella oil which stinks like hell. You just need to open the little bottle and boy… that wakes up the dead however it seems to work. Good luck everyone!

Many people seems to live their life for the weekend, not enjoying their day to day life, not challenging themselves, going through life in a magnolia fashion. I say no. I say, don’t just exist, LIVE! Life is bigger than that, it has to be. Remain excited, surprised, slightly hyped about life. Life is not a quiet river, it has to be a huge ocean. I love life. I love that everything is possible at every ages, at any times. Everything and anything. Yes, there are moments to slow down, recharge, regroup and start again. There are moments to change direction dramatically, to explore new paths and re-invent yourself. How many times did I do that? My life has been more than colorful, and I regret nothing. There have been very challenging moments and beautiful ones, that’s the deal. I never take it for granted. I don’t just exist, I live. Life is precious, let’s treat it with respect.

It’s true that we need to experience darkness to appreciate the light. But do we? Animals are much smarter than us. They live based on instinct, kill to eat, hide when hurt so they can heal and stay away from predators, they migrate to find food all year around or hibernate, they know where to go to find a mate, build a nest and have babies. It just flows. Why do we make it so complicated and twisted for ourselves? I’m a sucker when it comes to documentaries about anything and everything but particularly when it comes to Nature. We can learn so much from it if we choose to. Let’s protect Nature as it has so much to teach us.

So let’s follow the seasons when it comes to food, you know my obsession with it. June is a wonderful month, so rich and vibrant. Let’s go for apricots, cherries, strawberries, plums, peaches, raspberries and all berries really. Asparagus, radishes and tomatoes are perfect. And let’s choose mullet, sea bass or sardines as tuna, cod and salmon need a break from us.
Et voila, let’s embrace Life, Nature… not so much mosquitoes. You take care of them, I pass.

We have everything we need, always. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Sending you so much love,