July 2019

Hello beautiful souls, Snow White has been roasting in France… Not pretty! Imagine frizzy hair and sweaty to the extreme. There are moments in life to remain silent… I know, pretty unusual!

If it was only the heat but 38 to 40 degrees in Paris were not enough. Mosquitoes were not enough. Spiders and some weird creatures got to me on the last day. This is getting personal. I’ve been attacked and eaten alive. They are obsessed with me. If they were human, they would be defined as stalkers. Citronella is not enough now, it gave up on me. I understand… A mix of Thyme and Lavender in a jar is now in my bedroom, regular spray of Lavender, all day Thyme tea to drink and Aloe Vera on what is left of my skin. Any encounter with those beasts will end up in instant destruction. Hopefully theirs! Mosquitoes’ pollination is not crucial for humans apparently so for some birds and fishes out there, they will have to find another snack. This is war! Snow White is now a gangster.

Some might know that I love gardening, and never get attacked there actually. My piece of heaven on earth. I’ve noticed this weekend though that ants are numerous. A nice way to repel them from entering your home is to sprinkle coffee grounds, leftover of your morning coffee in front of your windows and door. It is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and chromium, and may help absorbing heavy metals contained in the soil. You can use them as fertilizer on your plants or as compost. They can also remove fleas from your pet, neutralize odors from your fridge or shoes, exfoliate your skin, reduce appearance of cellulite breaking down the fat and boosting blood circulation. Let’s not forget that drinking coffee daily can help preventing Alzheimer so this little black drink is simply magical to me.

Some people find it difficult to recognize “the sound of their intuition” being lost in the fast lane of life. Feelings are loud when intuition is quiet therefore it can get lost in translation as we say. Find a quiet place within is a start. You don’t need to be meditating on top of a mountain to find that little voice within. Just listen to your body, feel and let it happen. It will speak loud and show you the way. After all, you know what is your ego and what is your highest good, you know better than anyone. Just allow. Will.I.am said there is NO and KNOW. This can apply to your ego and intuition. The ego is often defensive when your intuition simply has that deep knowledge. Also we are quite often running away from a different and unknown path, too used to our little routine, too busy blaming the rest of the world. Dare to listen within and act accordingly. It might not always make sense but will feel perfect.

I would like to share this beautiful sentence from Jhene Aiko, beautiful artist from poetry to song writing and singer: “The heart has to be broken to be opened”.  Like a treasure box, it needs to be shaken in order to reveal its secret and beauty. So dry your tears and be grateful, you see clearly.

Sending you so much love. Always.

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