August 2019

Hello beautiful people, happy holiday to many of you having a break, and for those who are keeping the office safe, let’s have a giggle!

For information, Snow White has no more hay fever or mosquitoes bites finally getting used to Summer half way through…There’s always hope. However she sunburned as she was hiking, and now has a “red going highly beige” encrusted necklace… What can I say? Never boring as my ex-husband used to say. Bless him!

After this fascinating update, let’s quickly move on.
One of my favorite Summer dishes has to be my Sister’s Tabouli salad (Tabbouleh): this is a Mediterranean salad made with freshly chopped vegetables, parsley, olive oil and Bulgur wheat. A mix of tomatoes, coriander, cucumbers, peppers makes it very colorful and engaging. You can swap Bulgur for Couscous which is the whole wheat. It is rich in Selenium which is a powerful antioxidant, helps thyroid health, and prevents mental decline. It may also lower risk of cancer and boost the immune system. What’s not to like? It is so easy to make, ideal on the beach or for lunch at the office. It is so colorful and tasty, it will put a smile on your face. Whoop whoop!

Silence says a lot as it’s what we don’t say that weights the most. Silence can be either awkward or the most peaceful moment when shared with the right person. Not everyone can remain silent. Look who’s talking? Well you would be surprised. As much as I can speak for England (or France either way), I can also be surprisingly quiet. Who knew! Personally, I’m more a “less talk, more action” kind of girl. Does it sound a bit dodgy what I just wrote? Very possible.  Anyway, practicing silence is a good way to appreciate the moment. Neither in the future or the past, we can be in the now and hopefully present.

Another thing I appreciate is the clarity of the heart. Many will associate clarity with the mind however the one of the heart is the most precious in my eyes. Know who you love and why, know where you stand and what you stand for should be the first requirement when entering a relationship. So have a moment on the beach or on the tube, and “check in” with yourself. Simple!

A little exercise to do as well would be a list of 10 things you would absolutely do if you knew you had very little time. Might sounds dramatic however it would make your priorities right. You would realize what and who is really important. Dare to kiss that boy or girl, travel the world, make peace, try something different…etc. The list is endless.

Expand and grow, shine bright and find your matching star. Enjoy the ride!

Sending you so much love,

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