September 2019

Hello beautiful people, September is here. How did that happen?

Three more months, and we are closing on 2019. This year went faster than light. What was your big dream, your goal, your purpose for this year? It is still possible to make it happen. One step towards it makes all the difference. Some of you might feel guilty or overwhelmed for not achieving whatever it was. Be gentle with yourself. You did what you were supposed to do, you are where you are supposed to be. May be it took those 9 months for you to be ready to “give birth” to your goal. After all, that’s the way it works for babies. So treat your goal like your baby: be firm and yet gentle. Don’t be overwhelmed by the whole thing.  Don’t self-sabotage. You can do this. And you will do it your own way. Preparation is just as important. So let’s go one step at the time. What can you do today to get closer to your dream? Just do one thing. That’s all it takes.

Gardening is one of my passions, and you will find me in my garden every Saturday. What an exciting life, I know! It is a great way for me to stay away from phones, laptops and all technology as well as grounding myself, getting away from the inner and outer noise. I simply switch off, regain strength and recharge battery. Luckily enough, this year it all started in February, and will probably last until late October. It keeps me fit as I do squats without even realizing… until a couple of days later. It also teaches me patience, attention to details, resilience, outside the box thinking and humility. Nature is the boss, and is always right. I don’t know any angry or stressed gardeners neither. They are pretty chilled as they accept the rhythm of the seasons therefore of life. For those who don’t have a garden, have some pots in your house and plants herbs, indoors plants, flowers. Cherish them, nurture them, look after them. They will give you so much love back.

My dear friend Yoko made me realized that we rarely take holidays, and don’t feel the need to do so. She also said that an evening spent with a friend gives her the same benefits. And I couldn’t agree more. Too many people live for their holidays. Life cannot be limited to 25 days a year! Let’s make our time count outside work, let’s make it special. Some made their hobbies into their dream job so find out what you like doing. Explore also what your beliefs are, your values and join a company, a charity in which you believe. Life is too short. Let’s make it count.

Water is precious. 75% of our body is made of water. You cannot live without it. It is not just about drinking, cleaning, cooking or growing food with it. Water can be used for various magical things: put a glass of water next to your computer, and it will absorb heat. Do NOT drink that water. A glass of water under your bed or on your bed table will absorb negativity. Do NOT drink that water in the morning. After a day spent in front of a computer, shower or bath yourself to remove negative energy. You will feel lighter. Listen to running water or watch water will calm your mind. Cold water on your face will keep your skin tighter therefore reduce lines. The list is endless.

Remember that this life is about you. What you and only you can do. You were chosen. Too many people think that they are transparent. Some political leaders do make you feel like this or closer to home too. Please show some love to yourself, and appreciate how precious you are then shine your unique light. You can make a difference in this world. You do count. Stand up and be the best version of yourself. You are here for a reason. Shine!

Sending you so much love.