October 2019

Hello beautiful people, another month, another giggle. Let’s do this!
In one of my philosophical moments, I found myself telling my sister: “There’s no future in the past so no need to dwell on it”. Wow, deep! Hold on, there’s a  logic in my madness: the past might contribute to the present even though the past never defines us. Let it go. It is finished for a reason, it’s done and dusted. It is either a good memory or a lesson learnt. Move on!

What a start for a newsletter! I don’t know about you but I need to lay down for a minute and recover…

Lately I’ve met many people being emotional or feeling stagnant. First of all, life is never stagnant. We may not see what is going on but there’s always movement. We also put a lot of pressure on ourselves in finding solutions. Come down, dear! No need to torture ourselves in finding all the answers. Instead ask yourself the right questions, and the rest will follow. The “how” is not always necessary. Trust the process. Anxiety is generally when we try to organize the future. Be present, and grab the opportunities today.

Last month I talked about self-love. It is very different than being selfish as we know. Self-love is necessary as we can’t give anything out of an empty tank. Self-ish as I call it, is not the real Self therefore it can’t be trusted. Be aware my beautiful souls!

As you might know, I love simplicity. It is the “Deluxe” version of life in my eyes. I’m low maintenance using Nivea Soft on my face, and Rose water as tonic after removing my make-up. That’s been going on for years. But did you know about the benefits of drinking Rose water?  Packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, it also has anti-inflammatory qualities. It can reduce stress and moodiness, and of course helps keeping us hydrated with a great taste for those of you who are bored with water. Et voila!

Proteins are not always where we expect them. Here are some examples: lentils 17gr, pinto beans, 15.4gr, chickpeas 14.5gr, mung beans 14.1gr, fava beans 12.9gr, lima beans 11.5gr, green peas 8.5gr, quinoa 8.1gr, wild rice 6.5gr, pistachios 5.9gr, almonds 5.9gr, potatoes 4.5gr, broccoli 4.2gr, avocado 4gr. Plenty to choose from. Whoop whoop!

Lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night. It says a lot. The time at which you wake up during the night is linked to a certain organ in your body. It also has a more emotional meaning. As we know, all is linked. Waking up between 3am and 5am is generally linked to lungs therefore to the emotion of sadness but also being guided towards another direction in life. Between 11pm and 1am, it is linked to the gall bladder therefore the inability to make decision and act on it. Between 1am and 3am is linked to the liver and anger as well as irritability. The way you sleep is very much the way you feel, isn’t it?

Someone said: “When you smile, your soul is at home”. I leave you with that thought. We all go through ups and downs however that place of peace, safety and love is always within. So just smile and come home.

Sending you so much love as always.