November 2019

Hello beautiful people,

How are you doing? Less than 2 months before Christmas. How on earth did that happen? We do not panic. Let’s all repeat this a few times. The alternative would be: panic, we do not. Whatever works, you decide.

Why do we panic anyway? It might be “cliché” but there is such a build up towards the end of the year: Christmas and other celebrations, assessment of all kinds (work, finances, relationships). The whole shebang! Do we need those “special days” to care for others, to help each other, to show our love, to look back and rectify what or who doesn’t work for us anymore? Do we need the 1st of January to make resolutions and other changes in our life? Yeah but Axelle, there are expectations. As my ex husband said: “It’s better not to have expectations”. Well he was right. Expectations can easily bring disappointment on both sides. I would suggest to do like the bears catching salmons: sit and wait, observe then get into action. I highly recommend watching “Meet the bears” on the BBC or any nature documentaries. Nature never disappoints. Food for thought. How did we get from Christmas to the bears?… Moving on!

I saw something interesting: the 3 C. “Make a Choice, take a Chance, see the Change”. Simple and effective. I also heard the 3 S: “Sensitive, Smart, Sexy”. What else? Damn right! So why not choose a letter, and see what comes out? Something to do either during your commute to work, laying on the beach while on holidays or just because you feel like it.

Another thing… Rini the singer says in one of his songs: “The darkest hours before the sun rises”.

Rini the singer, Bob the builder, Axelle the …? What would come after your name, what defines you? Is it possible to say it in one word? Interesting. I will make an attempt: Axelle the transformer, Axelle the butterfly… Heard that one before. No wonder I did Metamorphic Technique, all about transformation and metamorphosis therefore butterflies. Here you go!

But aren’t we all? Life transforms, Life goes on. There is constant movement. Our core remains the same but the layers transform, they stay in the flow. We have an unique purpose therefore an unique core however we are part of this big “soup” as they call it. What is your core? We tend to forget it as we lose sight of it running around like headless chickens. I’m one of those headless chickens sometimes with crazy hair despite being headless. Yes it is possible. Haha!

 We carry on and transform maintaining our unique blueprint. Like those “Carry on” movies which are such a giggle, and a big part of British culture. Comedy can sometimes be judged harshly however it is a fine art to make somebody smile and think at the same time.

As for the beautiful words from Rini the singer, painter, writer and yet the unique Rini. Very often the last hurdle is the most painful and challenging one before the light shows up at the end of the tunnel.The last push before the baby comes out. I made some decisions in life wondering if I didn’t give up too soon. But sometimes, you have to choose between saving yourself or the other whatever the other is: a partner, a career, a situation. At the end of the day, you can only save yourself, you can’t do it for somebody else. You can support them but they are the one doing the work if they choose to, when they are ready and if they feel like it. And may be they will remain the same and find another direction, person, job… etc.

Free will vs destiny. Life goes on towards destiny and yet, free will is very much part of it. Damn! Who needs the bears? We are going deep today, don’t we? I’m so terribly cheeky.

Let’s go lighter now with some “En vrac” thoughts and ideas:

-“The Secret of Quantum Physics”. Did I say we were going lighter? Yes we are as it is an amazing bunch of documentaries on the BBC 4, and it is straight talking. No messy around. My kind of things.

-Another straight talking and yet full of sensitivity and humour: Galinaap on Instagram. She writes the most beautiful words on very interesting and diverse subjects. This Russian lady will make you think and giggle at the same time. What’s not to like? And yes, Galinaap with two A.

-Go and check the Cube Gallery London’s latest exhibition: “The Space of nothing and everything” by Laurie Steen. Enchanting! And what a beautiful title. Music to my ears.

-I came up with a new formula: “emotional resistance” for those who might not like you for some reasons. Fair enough, we can’t be everybody’s cup of tea however that says a lot, doesn’t it on why they are resisting learning from all kinds? Fascinating! Embrace the difference.

-And as my friend Marie-Sandra said: “Rayonnes, ne perds pas tes rayons” (Shine bright, don’t lose your rays of sunshine). She is right. How could we lose our light? We are born with it.

Et voila! Sending you so much love.


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