December 2019

Hello beautiful people!
Here we are: end of the year, end of the decade and new beginnings for all. Yippee… and here she goes again!

First thing first: Thyme tea or Thyme water, whatever rocks your boat. Just drink it! I’ve said it many times, and yet some of you are resisting it. This will help you fighting either colds, bronchitis or digestive issues. In one word: bugs. Check it with Mr/Mrs Google if you still doubt it. Also there is a big “shebang” going on about Celeriac juicing. Just eat the bloody thing. I know the purist will say:” No, it has to be a juice”. I understand however eating it is better than nothing at all. And let’s face it, a balanced diet full of diversity is key. We all know that. Viva la diversidad!

2019 has been a very powerful year so far. Great or challenging or a bit of both,  you managed. You did it. So well done you! As we know, life does give us what we can handle, and you did indeed. Congrats to you all!

For those of you who feel that 2019 or even the last decade were a bit stagnant, rest assured that not only nothing remains stagnant but also, that phase in life is necessary. The “pause button” is switched on but only in appearance as a lot is going on underneath. It allows you to breathe, heal, evaluate or re-evaluate so then, you are ready to get into action. And boy, action it is going to be. Also, let’s appreciate that quite often we know what we don’t want before we know what we want. That is the simple principle of elimination. It takes time, and that’s ok. No judgment.
If you haven’t found your match yet either professionally or personally or both, do not shrink yourself to fit “small shoes”. To the contrary: expand and grow, shine bright, raise your vibrations and find your matching star. You heard me. You are shining like a diamond so keep glowing, and you will find the perfect job, the perfect one, the perfect everything when you are in alignment with who you are. As they say: “Be the best version of yourself, and the rest will follow”. As you concentrate on self-love, commit yourself to be true to “your-Self”, things flow naturally. Your heart smiles within, you feel weightless surfing that wave. Like water finds its natural flow and direction in between rocks, you find your way in life with ease. Remember there is only one like you, and that pair of shoes is yours (And no, I’m not talking about buying a new pair of shoes. It is a metaphor. You are so cheeky).

2020 is going to be phenomenal: association of all kinds (number 2… not that number 2, behave yourself), solid foundation (number 4). Bring it on! It is going to be hot.

 I don’t know about you but I’m becoming more and more allergic to rubbish excuses. I already had a low tolerance to them but lately, it is becoming a serious allergy. For example, many people use their past as an excuse. The past can explain a lot, yes. However it doesn’t justify anything and everything. Today’s actions or behaviors are about taking responsibility and making different choices. That is our own decision. Nobody else’s. I’m sure you can appreciate what I’m saying here.

Another thing you may have observed: it seems to be easier to give love than receive it. Compliments for example are not often taken seriously. I personally blush like a tomato, and it is actually getting worse with age. That is a whole different topic there. Anyhow, I generally make a joke about a compliment I receive so it is “diluted”. Why do we do this? Why do we bring it down or bring ourselves down instead of celebrating or simply accepting? Well quite often compliments are fake or with some twisted intention behind them so of course, we don’t take them seriously. However there are real genuine compliments given to us, love in some ways. So let’s accept and embrace the whole process. Let’s celebrate who we are and others. If that is not Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is.

And now, some “en vrac” for you:

-“If I can’t be myself, who else can I be?” Marilyn Monroe. I always loved this lady. Often judged, rarely understood.

-“The way to feed your brain is physical activity” Francois Carre, cardiologist who highly recommends 30 mins walk everyday as it can help preventing Alzheimer. He actually insists on the daily factor as 3 hours physical activity on the weekend will not have the same effect. He actually makes an analogy with teeth brushing. You daily brush your teeth, twice daily actually. You wouldn’t only brush them over the weekend. Fair point!

-Shen Yun dancers are simply outstanding pushing the limits of the body and mind.  “The toughest challenges bring the biggest rewards” as they say. A truly inspiring spirit.

-“The Tao of physics “ by Fritjof Capra is challenging well-established ideas as well as “The inflamed mind” by Edward Bullmore. Everything is linked. Nothing is black&white. Loving it!

-Always trust your intuition. I more and more follow my gut feelings, the second brain. When I don’t, I generally get it wrong. Intuition before mind. Simple!

-Check “High Priestess 1111” on Instagram/ You Tube, a fascinating lady who regularly goes on “negativity diets”: a very inspired tarot reader, an amazing woman who went through a lot in life, an entrepreneur, a kind and wise spirit. Totally beautiful!

-As much as I love animals, and understand winter can be challenging for them, I don’t do mice. So I use ground pepper and peppermint oil to repel them naturally. They then go somewhere else. Nobody gets hurt, and everybody is happy.

-I came up with this: “Knowledge has no age” as we learn from each other, youngster from elderly and vice versa. We know different things, and sharing makes us stronger. We can learn at any age or be reminded of what we forgot over the years or simply stretch our minds. Yippee!

-As heard on “Flirting dancing”, a very interesting dance / first sight connection program: “Succeeding is about not being afraid to fail”. Indeed!

-Tiyanna, a friend of mine whose mum is a hairdresser uses Peppermint oil mixed with her leave-in conditioner, and her hair looks amazing. She also uses Cedarwood oil before her shampoo as a treatment to help hair re-growth. Again, her hair is simply amazing, and her mum recommends it for all types of hair. Yes! Plus no mice will come next to you! I’m hilarious… I know.

-Technology can’t keep up with creativity. And that is my excuse when my phone is acting inappropriately. I thought I give you that one just in case you relate when it comes to phone, computer, car, TV…whatever. You welcome!

So remember to slow down as the end of the year can be chaotic. Breathe. “All is well” as my dear friend Diane always says.

 Happy holidays to all whatever you celebrate! Altogether, let’s celebrate life, let’s be grateful.
Sending you so much love. Always.

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