May 2016

Hey beautiful people, so many things to CELEBRATE this month. Let’s kick start the PARTY!

Nineteen years ago, the 6th of May 1997 exactly, I came to London to have a look & heal a broken heart and I never looked back. After growing up in the military then travelling for 11 years, it was time for me to stop somewhere, grow some roots and build. And what better place than the mesmerizing London? Fascinating part of the world made of beautiful people like you. Add to this: open- minded, fast, creative and full of beans. What’s not to love? So, thank you London for always being there for me; for making anything possible; for stretching my mind; for feeding my dreams. London & Londoners, I love you!

  Obviously, May seems to be the month of new beginnings for me as 8 years ago, The Metamorphic Way was born. Turning 40 was the perfect time to give birth to something which still brings me so much joy. However there’s no particular age or situation to open a new chapter in your life. It is a blank page therefore open to any suggestions. What makes you happy is a start. What makes you feel in alignment with your values, your sense of being, your core are also something to look at. Go within and listen. Feel what seems to be that invisible light that guides you. I’m excited about my next chapter. I trust that Life will show me at the right time. It is already within me. I can feel it. Everything you are is already present within your energy field. Stay excited about Life and simply allow. You are magical!

 Just because we are an adult, a so called “grown-up”, doesn’t make us right. It actually makes us often more confused than anything. Let’s carry on expanding instead of shrinking behind judgment just because we have been on this planet for longer. It is easy to be bitter. And bitterness often translates by a narrow mind. Life never stops expanding and that’s the fun of it. Trying to hold on things or people is like going against nature. Let’s stay in flow instead: fresh, energized, young in spirit and growing happy! Never stop growing, learning, experimenting, enjoying, stretching your beautiful wings! Let’s do this.

 Springtime is gorgeous however hay fever is far from sexy. Let’s go for some natural remedies: Echinacea drops which will boost your immune system as our body “reads” pollen as bugs and reacts quite drastically with sneezing, running nose, itching eyes and the rest of it. Also Chamomile which contains flavonoids, a powerful anti-inflammatory can be used as tea or compress on your eyes once the tea cools down. Local honey which will desensitize your body. Garlic, anti-inflammatory and a great source of quercetin, a natural histamine will boost your immune system as well. So, if you don’t fall asleep with your Chamomile tea or repel any potential love interest with Garlic breath then you will remain hay fever free and damn sexy!

Yes, you are! You and only you can do the things you do the way you do them. You are unique. Be pride of being you. You are here to serve your unique purpose. It’s not always easy to know what it is and that’s alright. It comes when the time is right. And talking of timing, I would love to give an hour of free Life Coaching on Skype or over the phone to anyone who books a session of Metamorphic Technique or Tsuboki Japanese facial massage this month. As I said, May is a special month in my heart and I want to give something back so let’s celebrate together! Get in touch on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on +44 7957 121 291.

Sending you so much love and wishing you all a sunny month!


From me to you with gratitude,

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