January 2020

Hello beautiful people! Happy 2020!

New Year, New decade, Chinese New Year and more… hold on a second:
Just be the beautiful you, you are magical. Remove the weeds from the past, and see the gorgeous flower underneath. You never left, you were always there but your magic may have been a bit hidden due to past hurt, toxic people and other narcissists as well as going through different layers of life. You learnt what was needed, and healed the wounds. Just let them go and move forward. This can be done every day of the year. You are ready to shine your light any day. Remember your power, resilience, kindness and beauty. Those never leave no matter what you go through in life. This is your spirit, and spirit never dies. So happy YOU!

Everything is energy as we know. Check this out: it is recommended to turn and spin rice in a clockwise motion to help removing most of its starch (Food52.com). Same for eggs, clockwise is recommended. I’m loving this. It does feel right, I naturally go clockwise. Same for cleaning mirrors or windows by the way. Who cares Axelle! Fascinating I know. I read somewhere that going clockwise is linked to be open to new adventures…  Oh boy!  But what happens if you are left-handed, does “right” feel right as well? At the end of the day, do what feels right for you. Also let’s respect food as we sometimes tend to rush it, don’t we? It is a luxury which many don’t have. Let’s be present!

Special New Year “en vrac”, whoop whoop!

-” You can’t build barriers to Nature, it is always going to be” Ben Fogle, New lives in the wild. And don’t we see it at the moment in Australia. Nature is powerful. If you can, please support Australia in this difficult time.
– ” Love is about chemistry and timing but timing can be a b*tch” How I met your mother. Timing is everything. Don’t hold on to the past, it wasn’t meant to be. Move on! Let it go. You know who, you know what. Simple!
-Enjoying life is key. Might sound a bit “epicurean” for some however we are not here to suffer. Some things are inevitable, yes and that’s part of life and our learning curve however a lot could be avoided. Different choices, different results.
-Health is the new wealth as we know. Mental, physical and emotional included. Choose wisely who you are hanging out with.
-Stubborn or simply knowing who we are and what we want. Food for thought.  An open-minded stubborn. Et voila!
-“Be your own cheerleader, follow your Soul call” Diarra D. Your Soul call can take different shapes and forms during your life. Twists and turns as they say, and that’s ok. You are transforming, and being true to yourself. Believe in you!
-“Learn to rest, not quit” Charmed Intuition. Sometimes it is better to step away, take a break and come back with a fresh perspective and new ideas. We know this, we just forget.
-Flaky is not the relationship you want. The more you know yourself, the less you want to jeopardize yourself with people who haven’t done their homework. Yes, it is an ongoing work we do on ourselves however people need to know the basics of who they are. We don’t know where we are going but knowing who we are, and what we are about is the minimum required. Otherwise someone will get hurt.
-Whatever happens this year, remember there’s always a rainbow somewhere somehow. Just look a bit closer to find it, and you will. Sometimes life is challenging. Just remember: always alive, never alone. There’s always a solution. There’s always someone here to listen to you. Nothing can break you. As Iman says: “Release and reset”. You can do this!
-“Green fingers is about observation” Danny Clarke from the Instant Gardener. Observation is key in everything in life. I learned very young to pay attention to my surrounding. Attention to details, to body language, to what people say without saying it, the list goes on. I guess I don’t always apply this to my cooking which can be … let’s say  “unexpected”. Behave!
-Let’s stay in the garden, it is safer! My sister looks after children, and I found myself calling her “the Soul gardener” as she helps children, hers and others to grow not only physically but also emotionally. Beautiful!

I shall leave you with these words from Anthony, a wise man who slept rough for a while: “There are people with compassion and others with an agenda”. I have too much compassion for my own good sometimes however I also have no guilt removing myself from unhealthy situations when people simply take advantage of my kindness. Well, I guess that’s balance. Be true to your heart but keep your eyes open!

One more thing, says Columbo! Fantasy is often seen as an escape from a dull reality. However it is also a world of possibilities as it gives you a taste of what could be therefore a push in the right direction. You raise your vibrations feeling good and ready for action. “Seeing it, feeling it” through fantasy might just be the fuel needed to get things started. The meaning of the word itself is “the faculty of imagining impossible or improbable things”. As we know impossible can be read as I’m possible. Don’t doubt yourself, dream big as they say. You are the boss of your own life. Happy YOU!

Sending you so much love.