February 2020

Hello beautiful people, what a start of the year it has been!

As Iman said “January was a tough year but we made it”. We did indeed. It has been a powerful month for many, me included. However as we know, life only gives us what we can handle. Life has its way to challenge us. It also shows us how resilient we can be. Yes, we need time to adjust to a new reality, and we go through different stages: anger, pain, fear then we cool it down, and start seeing the next step, the new way and that’s ok. These moments challenge us. We dig deep within our core, and we keep going. We remember other times when it was tough, and we made it through. 

As Kobe Bryant said: “Keep moving”. One step at the time. Life has its own way which we don’t understand most of the time. It seems unfair and harsh for some to go too soon when others stay. Our views and spiritual beliefs are challenged. It’s hard to say goodbye to a person, to a situation, to a place however it is also a celebration of life, a new door opening, a different route. We sometimes get attached to a “status quo” when life is all about movement, change and transformation. It is challenging our need of security and emotional safety net.

One thing which might help us is trusting the process, “the journey” as Kobe Bryant called it. So keep going, carry on and believe that it is making sense in some ways when it really doesn’t to our human minds.  Why do we want to rationalize it all, why everything has to make sense and be controlled? Call it faith, belief, spirituality… whatever works for you. I’m not too keen on labels as you know. But grab what makes sense to you, and hold on to it until the pain eases itself. Just keep going, you’ve got this.
We knew that 2020 was going to be special. Well here we go.

Sometimes it feels like whatever we try to avoid, put under the carpet and other head in the sand doesn’t work anymore. Intense as it can be, it is time to face it. Sometimes by avoiding whatever it is, we make it worse and bigger than what it is really. Once we face it, we are in it, we actually surprise ourselves and handle it pretty well. Life can’t be controlled; it has to be lived and experienced.  Go with the flow. You can do this.

Kobe Bryant once said: “Do what you love”. So make a list of what you love, what you are good at and make it happen.  He also said: “Find your box and dance in it”. Let’s try to inspire each other. As simple as that. We all have a mission on this planet. Let’s be the best version of ourselves, and stay aware of how our actions impact others. I often wonder what my nephews, my sister, my grandmother would say before I get into action. Who are your heroes and who do you want to inspire? What your legacy will look like? We are just passing by so let’s make it count.

As you can see this newsletter is not the lightest as life is not always a giggle even though my sister and I are quite good at giggling about almost everything. Is it easier to smile when it hurts? Everybody have their own way to cope. Sometimes a giggle in the worst of times gives a break to the tears. So let’s have a giggle!


-I’ve been called a “pain in the a**”. No transition, I know. How is that possible? Well I could think of few things however it was because I do not know how to receive. It is true though that I find easier to give than to receive. I do not expect any help, not because I’m too proud. I just know that we are all busy with our lives, and don’t want to bother anyone. But by sharing, we can help each other. I’m just shy sometimes. Yes I am. I’m shy and a pain in the a**. How amazing is that!  If that’s not the statement of the year, I don’t know what is!

-It is also easier to see the light in others, and help them carry it instead of doing it for ourselves. Why is that? I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself. We are always better at dealing with others’ issues or potential than our own. Is that procrastination? Let’s get that sorted. Let’s inspire others once again by doing it ourselves. Let’s grow some “cojones” and do it. How poetic can I be!

-Talking of poetry, I heard somewhere: “Rain is the water of life”. How beautiful! How refreshing in more ways than one.

-I surprised myself saying to a friend that volunteering is an amazing healer on both sides.  It is indeed. Food for thought!

-Another friend reminded me by her behavior that we sometimes find it easier to “re-create” the same destructive pattern instead of allowing ourselves to be opened to a different way. We might be vulnerable as well but in a more constructive way this time. We know how to deal with the pain, a well rehearsed drama instead of trying a different route, an unexpected path. Let’s try something different this year, this month, today! Why remain in the same toxic surrounding just because we are used to it? There’s a world out there. Let’s go!

Well my beautiful people, let’s make February a gorgeous and peaceful month sharing the love we have for each other. Let’s make every day count. Life is precious.

Sending you all my love. Always.