March 2020

Hello beautiful people,

March is here. Spring is showing its cute little face. Yes it does! Flowers are blossoming, birds are singing…  as the rain and wind carry on. I’m hilarious! We are getting there, I promise you.

In other ways, let’s not getting overwhelmed by all the dramas, fears and negativity going around at the moment. Yes, there are issues in this world however there is also a little light shining somewhere. Come on people!

Wisdom is everywhere. As Ben Fogles said in “New lives in the wild”: “If you want nothing, you have everything. Simple way of life”. Wanting something or someone can make you desperate indeed. Not sexy at all. Wanting is still projecting something in the future, it is not in the here and now. No, you do not jump on this cute little thing, no you don’t. Wanting is still on the wish list therefore it remains within the idea of lack. Where am I going with this? Just have it, do it, make it, use what you have now. Again, it has to remain legal, naughty you. Live life now, embrace the unknown, the surprises and other transformations of life. I heard somewhere: “Today is tomorrow’s history” so let’s make history today!

I’ve noticed something: as time passes by and experience builds up, some people also build walls around themselves and particularly around their heart. We’ve all been hurt however let’s not remain a victim of our past. Let’s learn from it instead. As Diarra D said: “Lower your guards, not your standards”. Stay open to life and love. Just remember who you are, your values, your identity, your boundaries. Then let the magic happen. And let’s remember that the comeback is always stronger than the setback as Nirvana Vibes mentioned in one of her videos. Always!

Did you ever feel when you meet someone that you knew them from before, way before? I’m not sure I believe in past lives however some talk about karmic debt. You meet that person, and you can’t shake them off from your system. Years pass by and yet, you feel still attached to them even though nothing happened. Is it co-dependency? I wouldn’t think so. There is a connection beyond physical or emotional attraction. It feels like a spiritual one. Feel free to let me know your opinion on this one. Fascinating!

Another thing I’ve noticed lately: some men do not do well with female friends. They actually don’t seem to get their “male attribute” out of the way. Sad indeed as they are missing out on someone’s soul, mind and spirit. Their loss, I would say. A body is just the wrapping paper, the real gift is within. Ouch! Get that sweety boy!

When you look out the window today, you wouldn’t believe that I’ve done the lawn twice this year already. I know, I lead such an exciting life! Stop it. More seriously, I love gardening as gardens or few pots are simply a place of mental rest and healing. Yes it can be hard work and frustrating at times but the knowledge acquired is simply priceless. Highly recommended. May be not today!

Now some sweet recommendations:
-Echinacia is brilliant in order to strengthen your immune system as well as fighting colds, bugs and hay fever. Go to https://amzn.to/2IkMXWv
-Copper is a natural antibacterial. As a matter of fact, any containers are built with it.
-Health Shield was recommended by my dear friend Uli as its blend of oils can help with all types of bugs and smells amazing. Uli does as well! Go to https://amzn.to/2vEzNRm
-Thyme tea or Thyme water as I keep saying does wonders when it comes to respiratory issues or digestives ones as well as clearing your skin.

Until next month, take care of yourselves.

Sending you all love and sunshine. Always.

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