April 2020

Hello beautiful people, 2020 is definitely not for the faint hearted. Let’s remain present, safe and positive. Here is your monthly dose of giggle!

First thing first, I’ve challenged myself, and started my YouTube channel called The Metamorphic Way. What else? It all started on the 22nd of March after a Sunday afternoon nap with no make up and no clear idea. Here you have it! A daily dose of giggle, tarot and motivation. Please like, share and subscribe. As an ex-boyfriend said: “Expect the unexpected”. You have to see it to believe it, particularly the hair style! 

Funny enough things which were on my “to do” list got pushed into action due to this period of confinement. No way to escape your own company and true desires. Let’s try to make this period of time productive. It also brings clarity about toxic relationships of all kinds. Spring clean it is, indeed! It is all about taking your power back: do you want breadcrumbs out of life? This is a wake-up call. What and who matters to you nowadays?
This period of reflection will bring to the surface what we tried to ignore for a while, and a change of direction might occur. Do not hesitate to do what scares you for years. Start before you are ready, just do that first step, and the rest will follow.

Warm weather, shorter skirts and bikinis are coming to haunt us faster than light. We may appreciate that we may have indulged ourselves a bit too much over the Winter months! Cellulite is part of women life as baldness to men, almost inevitable! Few remedies are actually working though: dry brushing before the shower going upwards, coffee scrubs during the shower and more obscure ones like Cider vinegar or tomatoes juice massage. I would personally advise the first one as it actually works. Takes time and devotion but you will see the results sooner than later.

A little exercise you can do at the moment: What are you good at? What do you love doing? What the world needs right now? What can I be paid for? Whatever is crossing over is called your sweet spot alias your purpose. Et voila! Can we translate this into the love department? Let’s try: What are your qualities? What do you love doing? What do you appreciate the most in someone? What can I compromise with? The sweet spot might be even sweeter…

Now I’m inviting you to take on a challenge with me as we have plenty of time in our hands: check Chloe Ting and her 2 weeks Abs transformation. I’ve started today, and it hurts in a good way. You can also work other parts of the body but I’m tackling the tough one first.

Some inspiring words from a French writer, Virginie Grimaldi:
“Hope has a lot of imagination”: We can indeed believe in anything and everything just because we want something or someone so bad. Stay aware!
“You are lucky as you’ve been through hard times. You can now easily see what is essential to your life”: It is so much easier to prioritize now, isn’t it?
“Things might not always ended up the way we want however they always ended up the right way”: We do indeed learn with time that things happen for a reason. We generally don’t see it straight away.
“It is easier to accept things we know than the ones we prefer to ignore”: It takes courage however it is well worth it.

In another words, take this time to re-appreciate who you are, what you want, who you love and why. All crisis happen for a reason. Let’s get to the bottom of it. The sooner, the better. Don’t buy into the fear, that never helped anyone. Focus on staying present, positive, productive, let’s call this the 3P.  We are the blessed ones, all we need to do is stay home to protect ourselves and others. We’ll get out of this stronger than ever. Make a list of everything you will do when you come out of this isolation, and make it happen. Life will be even more beautiful, I promise you.

Until then, stay safe. Binge on my daily YouTube channel “The metamorphic way” as I’m here to entertain you, and keep smiling. We are gonna make it. Together!

Sending you so much love,