May 2020

Hi beautiful people, how are you? Confined we are, and by giggling we survive. Here is your monthly dose of entertainment and tips.

First thing first, be gentle with yourself. Do not push yourself. Listen to whatever is coming up to the surface. If you feel like a challenge, it might come in different ways and shapes. It might be a new exercise routine or stay still and listen within or simply do what seems to be nothing, and be alright with it. Allow. Surrender. Let it happen, let it be. Do not judge yourself. We have been conditioned to be judged since day one being good or bad, things being black or white. Well, there is no need to judge or be judged. Recognize the judging voice, and ignore it as it is very often ego charged. Instead listen to your body which never lies, and allow your intuition to run through it. Be gentle with yourself.

This is the message I’ve been spreading on my YouTube channel “The Metamorphic Way” which I started on a Sunday afternoon end of March with no make-up, no script, no hairdresser. Nothing new there, you might say. I do some Tarot for fun, and demonstrate some Metamorphic Technique and other useful tips. I’ve been asked to do some private readings, and so through Zoom and WhatsApp, and they have been damn accurate. I am absolutely shafted to say the least. Get in touch on axelle@themetamorphicway.com if you wish. Tarot is simply an “intuition tool” as I like to call it. It has been around since the 15Th century, and allows the subconscious to express itself in a different way. Interesting indeed however it is for entertainment only, and no decision should be taken based on Tarot.

Positivity is to know that better times are coming. It is not about smiling all day long. It is that quiet and gentle conviction that everything will be alright, something an old friend would whisper in your ears. It will all come together at the end. When I found myself at rock bottom, I used to repeat as a mantra: it won’t last. And it didn’t. Eventually I was out of that hell on earth, and hell it was. Some didn’t make it through. So whatever you are going through, know like you know that it is going to be alright. I promise you.

As we all know, with simplicity comes happiness so let’s embrace simplicity with some homemade solutions:
-If you can’t find any nail vanish removal, do not despair. There is a solution: curiously enough, apply some extra nail vanish (yes, you heard me), and remove it all with a cotton pad straight away. Do it twice I would say, and you will be amazed. I went from hot red to “au naturel” in a flash!
-If you run out of body or face scrub, use sugar. Ground coffee mixed with olive oil can be used against cellulite. Olive oil or Coconut oil can be used as great body moisturizers and/or hair conditioners. There is so much in your kitchen cupboard which can be a life Savior in more ways than one. For example, if you have some white vinegar and Bicarbonate soda, you have found yourself a new all surfaces cleanser for your bathroom and kitchen. They will be sparkling! You can even add some lemon or lavender for a gorgeous smell.
-Rice water can help with hair growth, and can support your skin. Black tea has also its fair share of qualities: oral health, better heart, healthy bones, stress relief, better digestion and stronger immune system. It is also packed with antioxidants. The list goes on.
-Let’s not forget the garden: Thyme tea is a great antiseptic for either respiratory issues or digestive ones. Geranium leaves left in your bedroom will repel mosquitoes. Lavender as discussed will bring gorgeous scent to the whole home as well as tranquility. Never put lavender in the car though as it encourages relaxation and sleep which you do not want behind the wheels.
-If you feel bloated on your sofa, eat or drink ginger, add lemon to water, reduce coffee intake, drink fennel or peppermint tea, drink apple cider vinegar before meals. Also you might have some food intolerance so keep a journal of your intake, and see what makes you react.

It is very important to appreciate that during this period of confinement, a lot comes to the surface. The good, the bad and the ugly. We might have good days and bad days. There is also that weird guilt for not doing enough, not being hands on. We feel bad for feeling bad when they are people fighting for their lives, and amazing NHS & key workers who find themselves in the front line? But remember you are doing your bit by staying safe, clean your hands, keep your distance, looking after your people, stay sane, keep in touch with the ones who you know are by themselves, give a bit to charities if you can. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to do. So don’t be so tough on yourself, don’t carry the world on your shoulders. Look after yourself, you are precious to many. You are hands on in your own way, you are fighting in your own front line, and sometimes it is within yourselves. Not everyone is a surgeon, nurse, doctor, paramedics, cleaners, and all other key workers. We salute them. Just do what you are doing, that’s enough.

Also it has been proven that physical contact is crucial in babies’ development and adults well-being so no wonder, we feel a bit empty. A hug can fill up a room, a heart, a nation. I found a solution during a separation: one of my hands was holding the other one, and I was feeling less alone. Now I have a soft toy dog called Higgins like the British butler in Magnum, and he is in my bed every night. I squeeze him to death, bless him. I know I am 52 but who said there is an age limit for hugs… and soft toys? I said soft toys…. Behave! One thing for sure, when we are out of confinement, prepare yourself to be hugged by me so hard that you might ask for a restraining order. You heard me!

Until then, be gentle with yourself. You are not alone. You are doing the best you can.
Lots of love,