June 2020

Hi beautiful people, how are you feeling? Here is your monthly dose of giggle, food for thought plus some exciting news. Yippee!

First thing first though: for those who are following me on Instagram @The_metamorphic_way, you might have noticed a post of mine: One race, all humans, simple. And simple it should be. Nobody should be above the law. All people should be treated with dignity. And I cannot believe that in 2020, we still have to sign petitions for human rights. Not only we have an invisible virus to fight but we also have to fight another one, racism. And both are taking lives. Enough is enough. My tribe is made of all races, all religions, all skin colors, all countries, all kind of jobs and that’s the beauty of it. Period.

Simplicity goes a long way. One hour walk a day for example works wonders, and if you are aware of holding your stomach in, it is even better. Which stomach are you talking about Axelle? It is just me then. Walking will help improve your mood particularly when the sun shines. Your blood circulation will improve, and even varicose veins might look better. It goes without saying that you might notice weight loss, better digestion, more creativity, and even an improvement in some chronic disease. The list goes on. So no need to go to extremes, be gentle with yourself and see some results. Yes!

Love relationships reveal yourself to yourself, it is rarely about the other person. It is about you. The person you are involved with will often mirror what you think about yourself. It all starts with self-love, self-respect. From there, clear boundaries are established. If those are blurred for yourself, they will probably remain that way for the other person. And equally for someone to be able to love you, they need to love themselves first. Then you have the ones who love themselves a bit too much. We know those ones, don’t we? And they better keep walking. Damn right!

I tried Jeera water first thing in the morning but didn’t see much result. It is based on Cumin seeds you boil and drink. Some mix Thyme, lemon and pink salt. It is supposed to help with your digestion and weight loss in the middle area. Let me know your experience.

Happiness feels sometimes safer as a dream than a reality. Indeed it can scare us in real life. It sounds insane however happiness can feel like a tsunami wave coming your way. We then may feel vulnerable as happiness can be jeopardized, and be lost again. As the song says: “Don’t worry, be happy”, and don’t feel guilty for doing so. Grab it with both hands and enjoy. Peace to you.

There are natural painkillers out there. Garlic can help with earaches, apple cider vinegar with heartburn, cherries with joint pain, cloves with toothache, pineapple with bloating. Nature is spectacular!

A sentence I loved very much in SAS in their own words: “There is no such thing than an uninjured soldier”, and I couldn’t agree more. The wounds are not always physical as we know. Let’s pay attention to the ones who suffer in silence, soldiers or not.

As you know I love writing, and I used the confinement period so far to write four novels. They are what you call “feel good” which is what we all need at the moment. As you know, I wrote in 2015 a book on well-being “How to make your life work: daily guide to sanity” based on my monthly newsletter. Now it is all about novels. I wrote them in English then translated them in French. Who knew French was such a tricky language! So you have a love story “La femme aux deux tatouages”, an erotic novel (yes you heard me) called “P like P” then you have “Des solitudes” about moments of life during confinement and the last one called “A secret garden” which is a police investigation. Most of them are based in a specific area of London except the erotic one… I leave it to your imagination. Creativity has no boundary indeed. They are all published on Amazon or you can go on my website www.themetamorphicway.com with direct links to Amazon. Et voila! Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

And of course, feel free to watch daily tarot on my YouTube channel: The Metamorphic Way. Always a giggle!

Sending you all a big hug, and let’s all remember that kindness is no weakness.
Lots of love,