July 2020

Hi beautiful people, we are entering the second half of what has been so far a very powerful year. Yes, time flies. Let’s have a breather, let’s have a giggle.

Who would have dared predict such a year? It makes you appreciate even more what you have, makes you recognize who you want to be with, and what you want to do with your life. No time to fluff around.  As beautifully said by Ben Fogle in his documentary New lives in the wild: ”Never so busy making a living that you forget to have a life”. Food for thought indeed.  On another note, I simply love this program so don’t be surprised if one day, I go and live in the middle of nowhere. Who’s with me?  Nobody? Fine, moving on.

Sometimes it is not just about being grateful for what we have, it is about manifesting what we believe in. If our thoughts are limited, our reality will reflect just that. Beliefs which are thoughts repeated to us long enough can limit our self-worth. The best remedy is self-love so let’s look after ourselves, respect ourselves, pay attention to our inner dialogue. Anytime we make a negative statement about ourselves, let’s rectify it straight away into a positive and encouraging one. It is about re-training our mind. Positivity and self-belief go a long way indeed. I saw too many people while a practitioner, and now in Tarot reading who don’t see their value. We don’t belong to the discount shelf, we are not for sale altogether. We are priceless. Damn right!

I also see many lonely souls. Lock-down or not, they have felt that way for a long time. Remember one thing: destiny is never wrong, and always on time. Sometimes, retreating is necessary for self-discovery or re-discovery. Things are always transforming. Nothing stays still. Sometimes it might be a different smell or taste of our daily coffee for no particular reason. Let’s keep our senses alert, awake and aware. There we will notice the diversity in stillness. Sometimes it is all about looking at things in a different way, a new perspective, and with a fresh eye.
 Like in my garden which I visit every single day just in case something extraordinary has happened. And it does. I notice different little things: for example, I might struggle growing some decent Basil whereas a rose tree and a Sycamore tree have planted themselves out of nowhere. No disrespect to Basil, we love it with tomatoes and Mozzarella however it’s never going to grow as a tree. Sizes don’t matter, may be… ( I leave it there, it is better) however you got the idea, sometimes we focus so hard on something or somebody when there is so much better out there for us. And destiny will serve it to us on a silver plate at the perfect time. Keep your eyes opened.

Talking about gardening, I have now some decent herbs except Basil with whom it is getting personal.  You don’t need a garden, just few little pots on the edge of the window: Sage, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary and the famous Thyme, my very best friend. So let’s see few of their benefits. The first one would be the joy to grow your own, and see the fruit of your labour, the magic of nature reminding you that life goes on no matter what. Because it does. Nothing stays the same. Those little herbs will put a smile on your face. So the benefits are: Sage can improve brain function, and memory; Oregano  can help bone density, and has anti-inflammatory effect;  Basil can help fighting infections by boosting the immune system; Rosemary can help prevent allergies and nasal congestion; Parsley can support bone health, and improve eyesight; Thyme is antibacterial, and can reduce blood pressure. And the list goes on.

As you know I’ve started a YouTube channel, The Metamorphic Way so come and check it out with daily Tarot reading. Short and full of beans, they will give you a boost for the day and food for thought. A mini newsletter on a daily basis. Aren’t you lucky? Of course, if you want a personal reading, email me on : axelle@themetamorphicway.com

Also I’ve been writing novels, six so far in English and translated them in French. I’ve decided to put them together in one book called London, my love. Like many, I fell in love with London twenty three years ago. London for me is all about freedom, respect, a chance to be different, to reinvent ourselves therefore the six stories reflect just that. Writing them brought myself to tears, and made me laugh loud as many experiences have been very real to me. Happy reading to you! Paperback is available as well as e-book on Amazon. Enjoy!

And because we want another bit of giggle, do remember to do the dead frog posture once a day. What! Yes you heard me. Lay on your back, bring your legs up obviously bent on the sides, the under layers of your feet should touch each other by now. If not, I have no idea which posture you are doing. The dead frog should open your hips, and bring relief to your lower back. So just lay there, and enjoy!

Sending you so much love,