August 2020

Hi beautiful people, here are some tips and giggles for you!

August this year will be a “staycation” for many: a way to appreciate or re-appreciate what we already have. A way to reorganize, redecorate, rethink our place and life. What a great way to recharge batteries. Indeed many people run from their daily routine into an activities packed holiday to come back even more stressed, exhausted and over budget. Let’s look at the positive side. Yes, there are so many times you can repaint the whole house or do the lawn however you may think outside the box and simplify. Be grateful, you are still here. Don’t forget that you went through a lot, you survived a pandemic, and still do. Just breathe and rest. You deserve it.

Personally, I’ve been observing my garden which has been a great teacher as always. A Sycamore and a Rose tree planted themselves out of nowhere. After few weeks, the Rose tree blossomed into beautiful roses. A reminder that sometimes life gives you more than you hope for. Quite often it is when you don’t even expect anything that life surprises you. It is when you let go of the result that you win the jackpot. This is the principle of the rubber band: sometimes you have to put the effort in, stretch yourself then you have to let it go. This combination brings you the perfect balance, a triumph beyond belief. Enjoy!

As seen on Gardener’s World, my bible: “Gardening is projecting yourself into the future. If you plant, you have to be there to care for it”. I love this idea. We do indeed project ourselves into the unknown. What a better time than in the middle of a pandemic to wish for better days. So plant on the side of a window in a little pot or make some plans for the future. Plant and make that invisible wish for a better tomorrow.

As you know I’ve been writing a lot during this lock down, and it’s been very therapeutic. Writing is all about emotions, about listening to the whisper of your soul. As Eric de Kermel says:” Resisting is like smothering your sensitivity”. Quite often we spend our life running around, doing what is expected from us, and quite often saying the right thing in order to keep the peace.  However not expressing what we feel, showing a brave face is resisting our truth therefore suffocating ourselves. So whatever works for you: dancing, drawing, baking, singing… just express yourself and breathe.

 I’ve also set up a YouTube channel called The Metamorphic Way so here are some testimonials for you: “Spot on, uplifting, inspiring”, “Your accuracy was remarkable. I’m full of excitement and hope”, “Axelle has such a deep and profound insight. Her readings are incredibly accurate and empowering. I highly recommend her”. So if you feel like a boost of energy and hopefully some clarity, email me on Axelle@themetamorphicway.com, and we can organize a personal reading on WhatsApp or Zoom. In the meantime, watch my daily video for some giggle, motivation and a bit of Tarot on YouTube. You will start your day with a smile on your face or shaking your head wondering if there is any limit to this nutcase. And no, there is none, I’ve checked!

I’ve been drinking Turmeric in water for weeks, and the results are quite impressive: clear skin, articulations or joints pain almost gone particularly on my knee after my fall last year. Be aware though that some people can experience stomach upset or other digestive issues. Turmeric is seen as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It can also prevent heart disease, Alzheimer and cancer. It can help with arthritis and depression. It can also lower the risk of colds, flu and infections in general. Try it and see. I put very little in half a litre of water, and it works wonders. Do let me know.

So whether you are commuting to work or on “staycation”, have a look at my novels on Amazon for some fun, food for thought and erotic moments. Yes, you heard me! However try to stay cool when you read P like P. For some reasons, this is the most downloaded one in France… I don’t know why! Feel free to leave a review, a nice one please. Check Axelle Bonaparte on Amazon. Thank you so much!

So whatever you do and wherever you go this year, look after yourself, be gentle with yourself. Don’t push anything, and go with the flow. You are precious more than ever.

Sending you so much love,