September 2020

Hi beautiful people, September is here. Here some giggles and tips for you!

Nine months within 2020, and we gave birth to a very different version of ourselves. Indeed many of us had to re-think, and re-appreciate our priorities. Nobody knew what 2020 was going to bring however we are now stronger than ever. We’ve never been so sure of what we want, and who we want to be with. In three months, we’ll say goodbye to 2020 which might be a year to forget for many but also a year to remember as a turning point. Some of us have made some drastic changes: new job, new way to work, new direction, new people or new space. There will be a before and after 2020, a transformation. Nothing ends, every change. So welcome to the latest version of you!
Generally, we look at September as some kind of restart, a last chance to adjust to our long forgotten resolutions, and achieve our “so called” goals. Well, you are still standing therefore you are a winner. Whatever goals you had become obsolete. Period. The pressure is off.

Let’s have a look around:

-You know very well that what you didn’t get, wasn’t meant to be. Nobody can take away what is yours. So whatever changes you went through, just re-adjust your crown and carry on. You are the queen and king.

-You don’t do chasing. Pick up the fruit when it is ready. If too soon, it will be bitter but later, it will be all sweet.  Nature is always on time. Just trust.

-You don’t battle neither, you just float. If in trouble in turbulent waters, the last thing you want to do is battling against the elements as you will exhaust yourself. Instead you want to float, go with the flow, and become a peaceful warrior. This is not procrastinating as you still maintain your body above the water but you stay opened to new opportunities doing what you do. You believe, and that’s key.

-You are tired of the “story”. At some point, whatever you went through, you become bored of hearing it. You decide to start a new chapter in your life, your own book. So be bold, and create what you thought was impossible. Fly higher than ever.

 – You know the truth as Eric de Kermel explains in his book « La libraire de la place aux herbes » the two golden rules in love. Number one: if love hurts, leave. Number two: love should bring you something, and not take away something from you. You know.

And there is no Summer newsletter without mosquitoes. I finally found the ultimate prevention: Sage, Rosemary and Geranium leaves or oils. I know this is drastic but it had to be as one of them did bite me nine times on my stomach. Yes, you heard me, nine times and not even in a straight line. That one was obviously under the influence. Drink and bite is wrong. However Coconut oil not only calmed the itching but also healed the whole thing in no time. This is war!

One thing though which I welcome on a daily basis is eating tomatoes. This is a must with some Sage, Basil and Parsley from the garden as well as a hint of olive oil with sea salt. Heaven on earth but more importantly it can help with blood pressure, eyesight, cancer, diabetes, heart and digestive issues. Tomatoes contain calcium, potassium, phosphorus, minerals and vitamins C and A. What’s not to like?

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Have a brilliant month. Sending you so much love,