October 2020

Hello beautiful people, October is here as a smooth transition into colder days. Let’s enjoy it!

Autumn is indeed the season of colors: orange, brown, yellow, red before we enter the darkness of Winter. It is not about one color but the mix of them living together in peace which makes this season so spectacular and magical. Once again Nature is powerful, and a lot can be learnt from it. Nature is always right, and always wins at the end. So let’s hope that this year will end in a brighter manner.

As you know I’m a big fan of gardening, and a lot can be learnt from it: patience, hope, hard work, and humility. It is the season to cut down the bushes, keep the essentials, harvest if possible, and protect what is precious as well as planting the seeds for next year. “Autumn-clean” is not much talked about however it is crucial to know what to keep, and what to let go going into darker days. 2020 has been so far a year which pushed us to reflect on what is important, and what’s not. As much as “Spring-cleaning” is about clearing in order to travel lighter into Summer, “Autumn-cleaning” is about keeping the essentials, what is necessary to our survival. Similar practice, slight different outcome.

Nature gives us as well magnificent ingredients to help us going through the seasons. As much as I love my black coffee in the morning, I’m a big fan of teas the rest of the day. It is a great way as well to use the herbs from the garden. We can’t get fresher or more organic than this, can we? Sage for example can maintain oral and brain health. It is full of antioxidants, and can help with menopause symptoms as well as lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thyme as you might know is my favorite. It can help with digestive issues, lower blood pressure, boost immunity and memory. It helped me with my numerous bronchitis when I was younger. Skin will also look radiant. Oregano is full of antioxidants, it helps fighting viral infections. It can reduce inflammation as well as bloating. It is seen as a natural lung cleanser, some might say it can help with asthma.

Of course Ginger and Lemon are inevitable as together they help with colds. Ginger may help with motion or morning sickness, weight control and as a pain relief. Lemon by itself can help with inflamed gums, post operative edemas, digestive and heart health as well as clearing skin. So much goodness, it is a fireworks!

Another thing I like to do is watching real detective investigations which are far more twisted than any fiction. My favorite is Cold Justice with Kelly Siegel who handled thousand of cases. She knows one or two things about human behavior, and nothing surprises her. It is fascinating indeed how we might fight seeing the obvious or justify almost anything in order to keep the peace however the truth is inevitable, and must be faced. As we might want to keep our head in the sand or under the duvet, let’s not procrastinate on what needs to be done. This is not hibernation time yet.

Talking about crime and fiction, my latest novel is now out: “One morning”, all about crime indeed but in the comfort of your living room. What’s not to like? Both French and English versions are available on Amazon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, and particularly my sister Muriel as well as Diane who gave me precious feedback. Bless your friendship! Muriel had to listen to them all, poor thing! Bless your heart, Sister! Love you both.

For those of you who prefer something a bit less dramatic, please check my “pick a card” videos on my YouTube channel The Metamorphic Way. Tarot with hilarious haircuts, and some words of wisdom in the middle of it all. Never boring!

As a final note: whatever you want to do, go for it. No dream is too big or too small. Believe you can reach the stars, and fly. Nobody can stop you shining your light. Just blossom! 2020 is going to end on fireworks. Let’s do this!

Sending you so much love,