November 2020

Hello beautiful people, let’s share a moment together.

Someone said: “Take care of others reveals the best version of ourselves”. Well, our NHS is the very best version of humanity, and having dealt with them not long ago, I am so grateful to them. They made me feel calm, looked after and cared for. They were busy bees, and yet very thoughtful. I’m forever grateful to all of them. They are such an inspiration dealing with life and death on a daily basis. They remain humble, and tell you that they are just doing their job. It takes a strong and altruist person to put others before themselves. Respect!

Yes, we are entering another lock down however the door of possibilities never closes. Let’s stretch our mind, let’s appreciate what we have instead of chasing the unnecessary. Let’s go back to basics, to the meaningful, to the truth, to the core. Let’s not chase the ones who are too busy to reply, let’s not compromise our happiness. Let’s make our dreams even bigger. Let’s not settle for less. If we have less opportunity, let’s make it count double. Many have lost their battles to life so this is our duty to shine even brighter. They wish they had that chance. We are lucky to be alive so let’s make a difference. Let’s make it count.

One thing we appreciate even more is the need to look after our body as this is our most precious possession. You know me, I love simplicity so here we go: drink water mixed with Cumin or Ginger to help with digestion, Turmeric for immunity, Lemon for clear skin as we may as well look nice! Eat some walnuts to support your brain, tomatoes for your heart, carrots for your eyes, grapes for your lungs (wine doesn’t count), avocado for your uterus, kidney beans for your kidneys, sweet potatoes for your pancreas, mushrooms for your ears, citrus fruits for your breasts, ginger for your stomach.

Another tip: rub your nails for 10 minutes daily, and it apparently helps with hair growth, and reduces grey hair. Which grey hair? Of course, you don’t have any… What was I thinking?

Surround yourself with colors which bright up your day: red is all about energy and passion, orange is about joy and creativity, yellow is optimistic, green is healing, blue is kind, purple is intuitive and spiritual, pink is gentle. For some, Grey can be seen as internal struggles, brown as lost or confused, however it is a very personal approach. I associate brown to earth and Autumn therefore I love it. Find your own rainbow!

Energy is everywhere so look after your chakras. Meditation is wonderful however not everybody is into it. There are simple things which can help as well: ground yourself and your root chakra with walking barefoot, stretching, wearing red on this area or visualizing red. For your sacral chakra, eat oranges, and wear Citrine. Support your solar plexus by wearing amber, and drinking chamomile tea. Support your heart chakra with rose quartz, eating green foods, and wearing green. Throat chakra by eating blue berries. Third Eye by wearing Amethyst, and eating dark chocolate. Crown chakra with Quartz, and drinking ginger tea. Every little help!

Smile and carry on. Most things don’t last. It will get better, it always does. That’s what life is all about. Enjoy the little things, the little moments which become wonderful memories or big lessons. One day, you cry and the next, you hope, you dream again then you smile. Life is beautiful, you are beautiful. Make someone smile today. You are magical.

As seen in Gardeners’World, tulips bulbs can be planted one layer on top of the other as the ones underneath will find their way up to the sun. Whatever is in front of you, find a way around it. Nothing can stop you reaching for the sun. 
Keep shining!

Sending you so much love and kisses.