December 2020

Hello beautiful people, last newsletter of the year! And what a year it has been!

One thing we learnt during this year is gratitude. Appreciating what we have, and not focusing on what we don’t. By acknowledging the obvious limitations, we recognized even more what was available. Some people left us, too many too soon. As a result, we want to live life to the full. Memories never die. Spirit neither.

As for some people we had to leave them behind as we recognized their toxicity, the “one way” system or energy vampires. In 2020, the little resources available had to be shared equally. When there is not much around, we go back to basics. However it has to remain fair.

There was no way to hide the truth, and as a result, measures had to be taken. We had to dig deep, face ourselves as well as the little lies we were saying to ourselves to keep the peace. We had to be true to ourselves therefore to others.

We found new skills out of necessity, took risks we didn’t think we could, and showed resilience beyond belief. There will be a before and after 2020 for many. We are still standing, we are stronger than ever. Let’s take a moment to mentally appreciate ourselves. Well done! We did it. We went through the most challenging year. It might not be all sorted but whatever comes, we know more than ever that we can handle it. Stronger than ever we are, and remain!

As a result, we “unsubscribe” from drama. We choose our battles very carefully. Some people are not worth fighting for or against. We are more grounded than ever. We may have less financially but gained so much mentally. No school, no manual prepared us for this. Resilience comes from within. The mind resists the spirit but never wins. Nothing beats the spirit. Simple!

As we know the Universe has it way to close a door, and open a huge gate. And yet, some will still focus on the door. Embrace the unknown, it is part of life. Quite often, there is a blessing in disguise.  It might look like a disaster at first but soon transforms into a fairytale. Embrace the not knowing as sometimes, that is exactly where you need to be. Trust the process, surrender and allow the magic to come in. Unknown versus not knowing, embrace it all!

As nostalgia builds up, we sometimes forget our dreams. Do not let your dreams fly away. They are more relevant now than ever. Let’s make them a reality. Now is the time. Let’s stay safe from our own limitations. We can be our worst enemy or our best friend. The choice is ours.

You know my passion about Thyme however I may have found a new love: Bay Laurel. This little beauty apparently works wonders for digestion, urinary and dental infections, migraines, cough, bronchitis and sinuses. Could this be the magic of Christmas, all in one? It is a natural antiseptic, antifungal and anti-bacterial. It can also help with muscle pain and joint inflammation. Of course, it is well known in cooking, and adds brilliant flavour but can also be used as a tea. It is very rich in Vitamin A, C, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. We have a serious contender here!

The storm has been fierce however our roots remain stronger than ever. Take a moment, and appreciate the beautiful you. Whether you are on your own like me at Christmas or not, know that you are never alone. Light a candle, and know that your ancestors are right here. Know that they are within your DNA at all times. Know that memories never die. Love is always around.

Happy holidays to you! Wishing you the very best and more.

And if you can, please support the ones who sleep outside tonight with few pounds or a smile. You can donate to Crisis or other organisations. Every little help!

Sending you all so much love,


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