January 2021

Hello beautiful people, welcome to 2021! Perceived as a new cycle of life by some, and the same old thing by others, here we have it. Let’s see!

Yes, there is often an expectation and anticipation within a new year, this year more than ever. Yes, we find ourselves in a pandemic and lock-down in many countries.  However there is always a new cycle of life within our mind, body and soul every second. The outside might seem the same but there is a constant “happy revolution” within.

We purged a lot last year, re-invented ourselves, stretched our potential, revealed ourselves to ourselves. Well done, we are still standing. 2021 is in my eyes the year of rewards. We have all created a new reality for ourselves, we are survivors, we are humans as simple as that. Like animals, we adapt ourselves to a new environment. We have good days, bad days but we carry on. The constant adaptation is a stress, and yet an amazing testimonial of our power. Just breathe, you got this!

As beautifully said in one episode of DIY SOS the big built: “… A little bit of normal, we don’t value it until we lost it”. Yes however we create a new normal, and this “quiet resilience” can move mountains. I believe we’ll enjoy the fruit of our labor this year. Many have created new businesses out of necessity, there is always an opened door.

Fears are more familiar to us than the unknown therefore we might stay stuck or stagnant as a result. Sometimes it is a form of gestation, a preparation for the next step. Absolutely! However let’s not be complaisant, there is a world out there. Nothing is broken, we just have few cracks and they make us unique. Those cracks are our USP, unique selling points. Let’s celebrate them!

If we want to be heard and seen by others, we want to listen and see ourselves first. Our true core, our purpose, our calling becomes clearer. It is not being vain, it is about finding our light, our gift and presenting it to the world. We are all born for a reason. We are unique, and yet all humans. Our own voice is a vibration from the heart, same for the rest of our being.

Some ideas become more and more obsolete. Smart is not about how much money or how many followers we have for example. The real deal is where our soul remains, our actions, and how thoughtful we are despite fighting the elements.

Yes there are some adjustments to be made similar to the Rubik’s cube. We’ve got this. We don’t have to compromise neither, we know more than ever our worth. There is adjustment, and there is compromising our core. Enough is enough. Let’s go back to basics: eat, sleep, giggle but more importantly love yourself, love others, love the peace. And yes we can be crazy in love with someone. It is still allowed. Keep that heart open.

Not the usual giggling newsletter may be however some things needed to be said. If you want giggles, wisdom and tips on a daily basis, come and meet me on my YouTube channel The Metamorphic Way. You will see my pretty smile, my unexpected hairstyle and so much more… Behave! Feel free to like, share and subscribe. Thank you!

Remember the” usual suspects” as I like to call them: Thyme, Lemon, Echinacea, Ginger, Turmeric, Oregano and the whole shebang. We’ve had that conversation before. Support your immune system, and stay safe.

Listen to music or to the silence within, the vibration of the heart and soul. Whatever works for you. Watch Nature programs to reconnect and recharge batteries. Lose yourself in a book, one of my novels maybe: change of scenery escaping the reality for a minute. Go for a walk, look at the sky and breathe. The sky is not going anywhere, that’s one thing we know for sure.

It’s going to be alright. Things will work out. They always do.
Springtime is on its way!

Sending you so much love,