February 2021

Hello beautiful people, February is already here. Spring is on its way. Let’s have a giggle!

Once upon a time, someone was surprised to see me cry as he would usually see me joyful and full of beans. And yes, most of the time I am a tornado, a nice one though! He thought there was something wrong. What he didn’t realize is that I was feeling safe enough with him at the time to allow myself to open up, and let go. It was actually a good thing even though it was probably a bit confusing for him. On the other hand, we can’t be upbeat all the time. There was nothing for him to fix. He was there, and that was enough. Quite often, we are not allowing ourselves to let go as we are on survival mode “warrior style”. When we are alone, we have nobody’s shoulder to cry on. We do not have the luxury to crumble. It doesn’t make us tough or hard, it is just our reality. Nobody is one dimensional though: we all have good days and not so good ones, and that’s ok. Sometimes we feel strong, sometimes we feel flat, and that’s ok. Emotions are the temperature of the soul as I like to say. Let’s cry, let’s laugh because it is safe to let go. Let’s relax, breathe and feel safe somehow. We are not alone. We are on the same boat. And let’s face it, we can feel alone next to the wrong person. Damn! So much of a giggle Axelle… OK, let’s lighten up.

Happiness is simple. No complicated recipe, no hundred of ingredients. Happiness is like my cooking… unexpected, and yet simple. What you have in mind might actually become a very different dish, and yet delicious. A pizza becomes a “galette”, and it is eatable. Yep, let’s say destiny took over my dish. You can use that one, it saved me many times. Yes, go with the flow, allow yourself to be flexible. We know this more than ever before, don’t we? Slow cooking as well can be spectacular, it brings other flavors to the dish, a “je ne sais quoi”. Some things in life are slow cooking, and that’s the point. Not everything can be stir-fried. And yes, everything  has to be connected to food. How French can I be?  What I am trying to say here is simple: let’s embrace our differences, and remain flexible. Et voila!

Also let’s be gentle with ourselves, let’s appreciate simple moments of peace like a warm bath or shower. The awareness of a touch on our body, water or not can make a huge difference.  For those who are alone, hugs are nowhere to be seen for almost a year already. I know this for a fact. I remember years ago when I was hurting terribly in my heart, one of my hands was holding the other one… like he used to do, and I was feeling less alone. The ends of our fingertips are crucial in Metamorphic Technique, a touch as soft as a feather can create a tsunami of emotions, a release at a much deeper level called the inner child. All those little moments of awareness make us more connected to our own self. Let’s cultivate this magical touch and vibration! I can see some of you having a naughty mind reading those lines, behave! You know who you are.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery which Nature provides us with. Let’s look up, and not down. Let’s accept to not feel sometimes: numbness is quite often there to protect us. Allow the process. Those simple tips remind me of the first book I wrote in 2015: “How to make your life work: daily guide to sanity”. When I re-read it now, I can be quite critical about my English however it is a process, and I’m ok with it. The very essence of it is right there: the common sense of my ancestors as well as their knowledge, and that’s the most important thing. Let’s go to the essentials. I am no Shakespeare or Moliere, and I don’t pretend to be either. I am a mountain girl from the Pyrenees. Let’s embrace who we are, we are beautiful in more ways than one.

As we have been hanging in the unknown for quite a while now, we’ve learned and accepted few things. For example: sometimes we have to stagnate before we move, some things are written no matter what, people will fall in love, business will flourish, we might be confused in order to get clarity. This is night time before the new dawn, all of this is challenging so we can reveal ourselves to ourselves. We can do this. Come on!

In the meantime, let’s reduce inflammation in the body as stress can built up in many different ways. The body affects the mind, and vice versa. Let’s remember to balance alkaline and acidic food. Drink enough water with lemon for example. Let’s stay aware and breathe. Let’s not overdo anything: exercise or lack of it. Let’s balance carbs and fats, let’s reduce sugar. Remember that fruits are full of fructose so stay cool. Let’s learn more about Ghrelin and Leptin which can explain a lot about hormonal imbalance. A lack of protein and fiber increases appetite therefore Ghrelin’s level. The brain is not satisfied therefore it wants more food. Leptin decreases appetite, and can be found in vegetables, legumes, lean meat, poultry or fish, healthy oils and more. Let’s find and maintain balance. Time to heal in more ways than one.  And yes it is Ghrelin, and not Gremlins. Behave!

One last thing: I sound like Columbo, don’t I? I am still amazed when people find it challenging to comprehend or simply accept that we can have more than one attribute, talent or skill. I thought naively that 2020 would have stretched some minds. Obviously not. Shine, do your things, inspire others to do the same. May be then the world will be a better place.

And if you want a daily dose of giggles, wisdom and tips of all kind plus unexpected hairstyles, do not hesitate to check my YouTube channel, The Metamorphic Way. What else!

Sending you all so much love. Always.