Metamorphic Technique

This simple approach to self-healing allows transformation where it is needed.

Through stroking and light tapping on the spinal reflex points of the feet, hands and head; debilitating patterns & other blocks can be gently loosened up​. Following the princi​ple of Correspondence, those specific points represent in Metamorphic Technique, the time spent in the womb; from conception to birth. As our cells hold the memory of emotions attached to our experiences, we end up “carrying” heavy bags which don’t always belong to us. They can be released once they’ve served their purpose.

The practitioner remains a detached catalyst of the full potential or life force of the client, allowing a free flow of energy.

As well described in Soul&Spirit by Katy Evans:” Blocks and traumas can be released that are said to have been formed during and after gestation, when our physical, emotional and mental structures are established.”

Thanks to the life force within people, improvement has been observed on:

  •  eating disorders
  •  insomnia
  •  addictions
  • arthritis
  •  chronic fatigue
  •  stress
  •  trauma
  •  difficult pregnancy
  • anxiety
  • lack of self-esteem
  •  learning difficulties
  • difficult behavior​​
  • chronic disabilities

as well as transitional periods like

  •  career changes
  •  moving home
  •  break-ups/divorce
  • bereavement
  •  or simply when stuck, uninspired or lacking energy and purpose.

As a non invasive technique, it is ideal for pregnant women, and can be safely used at all ages; from babies to the elderly. No case history is necessary. It can be safely received on its own or alongside conventional or alternative approaches.

Generally people experience the following:

  •  calm, serenity, sense of peace and clear-minded
  •  inner strength allowing them to make decisions like leaving an unsatisfying job and taking up a new career
  •  growing sense of purpose
  •  regained energy
  •  physical, mental and emotional well-being
  •  letting go of the past and unhealthy attachments
  •  more positive view on life and the future

Following a session, it is advised to drink more water or herbal tea than usual to help flushing out physical toxins as well as emotional residues. Our body/cells store emotions and those can stay stuck. It’s time to let them go and travel light!

* Gentle touch on feet can be applied over socks, tights or on bare feet.

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