Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage

Tsuboki is the combination of “Tsubo”, acupressure point and “Ki”, energy in Japanese.

What does it do?

  • It improves skin tone and blood circulation
  • Acupressure points help preventing lines, wrinkles, puffiness and skin appearance altogether
  • It can reduce acne scarring as well as appearance of pores
  • On a deeper level, it can affect muscle tone
  • Those facial acupressure points are related to 8 meridians out of 14 which help moving energy all around the body and can help balancing the whole body’s health
  • By rebalancing the lymphatic system, it can help draining and removing metabolic waste ​products
  • As each organ has a specific role in the body, it also has a psychological connection: the large intestine’s​ main function is physical elimination as well as the ability to let go; the stomach is about breaking down food but also can “hold” too much thinking, worrying, anxiety; the small intestine is about assimilation and on the psychological level, it is about the capacity to make decisions; the bladder is about purification on the physical level and being too shy or restless; the triple heater is the body’s thermostat and all about protection but also can be about ​social overprotection…etc. Tsuboki can help rebalancing those functions either physically or emotionally.

The session follows four steps:

  1. It all starts by a delicious neck and shoulder massage to help removing tension and increase circulation to the face which helps repairing damaged tissues, flushing toxins and supplying facial tissues with nutrients and oxygen ​
  2. Massage on the face using the fragrance-free and quickly absorbed Organic Camellia oil, full of vitamins A,B,C,E and Polyphenol, all natural antioxidants or Neal’s Yard Organic Argan Oil, rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Traditionally used in Japan, it helps relaxing and toning the muscles. It improves the appearance of the skin
  3. Following a combination of finger pressure, tapping and stroking to more than 50 tsubos and 8 meridians,  both facial appearance and the whole body can be affected for the best
  4. Lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and eliminate toxins which have been released during the facial massage and meridian work

What people experience:

A natural facelift, a “full body massage” feel like, a very relaxing and de-stressing hour, Tsuboki works on the physical as well as emotional levels. A natural alternative to Botox!

How often should you receive a session?

Your complexion and glow will improve almost straight away however a monthly session will help you maintain your skin and general well-being. People around you will comment on your beautiful glow and skin texture.

*Not suitable for pregnant women, Botox users, diabetes, epilepsy.

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