“Wow, truly amazing!
Thanks so much again for your time and the reading: spot on, accurate, intuitive, insightful. Am totally blown away by your skills, intuition and interpretation of the cards.
Never had a reading like that before – you rock! xxx”


“Axelle did my tarot reading this morning and I was amazed at how accurate she was as well as being so thorough and clear! Her reading definitely gave me a lot of guidance and clarity and helped me greatly with the inner conflicts that I had been experiencing of late. Axelle also made the reading interesting and fun, she has so much warmth. The reading left me feeling a lot more positive and light within myself.  Axelle, thank you so much x”


“Axelle’s insight is outstanding. Her readings allow me to reconnect with my true self, I feel grounded and empowered. Thank you.”


“Axelle was amazing, this was the most thorough and clear tarot reading I have had. She gives practical and grounded advice… Thanks Axelle, truly one of a kind”


“Thank you so much Axelle, I feel energized to go for it”


“Spot on, uplifting, inspiring.”


“Thank you. Your accuracy was remarkable. I’m full of excitement and hope.”


“… Axelle has such a deep and profound insight. Her readings are incredibly accurate and empowering. I highly recommend her.”


Jayshri Halai

“…I’ve have learnt so much from our talks and have really turned my life around in as little as a month, so thank you.”

S from Models 1

“Tsuboki has done wonders for my complexion. Who needs a face surgeon if you have Axelle…a bit of Axelle magic is def visible.”

T Smith

“I’ve been having treatments with Axelle for a number of years and they’ve had a very profound / deep healing effect on me; she’s an incredible therapist and I’m sure the metamorphic technique will become more widely known soon. She’s also very wise and it’s great talking things through with her. I first discovered Axelle by reading about her in The Times / Evening Standard and I can understand why journalists rave about her so much. Her book is the next best thing to having a treatment if you don’t live in the UK. It’s full of so much wisdom about everything to do with optimising your health, life and happiness. I loved it, it’s not only wise but Axelle’s style of writing is so funny it made me laugh out loud at times on the tube! I sure got plenty of funny looks : ) I really felt like Axelle was sitting there talking to me, her style of writing is so funny and engaging. What a brilliant little book! Recommend to all.​”


“Wow, what an empowering and liberating session! Thank you! I am excited to see what life brings to me, and to see what I can get out of life, too. Thank you for your inspiration, compassion and fun.”

M Rodriguez

“I just wanted to let you know that my energy is sooo amazing on its own…Thank you soooo much for everything!!!”


“Thank you for a wonderful treatment it was extremely relaxing and helped my digestive discomfort immediately! My face looked and felt much firmer and brighter and the boys at home noticed too – quite something! ”

Dahne Comrie

“…Very satisfied with the metamorphic technique- and have recommended, has definitely helped in terms of inspiring me to be happier with everything, and feeling greater freedom to be open to all the possibilities in life.”

Fatime Sy Savage​
“Having suffered from serious insomnia for the past 6 months, I was astonished by the power of Axelle’s treatment. The MT has been a revelation for me and this after just one session. At the end of the session, I found myself ready to go into a deep sleep. My sleeping pattern had improved beyond recognition.
I am now relaxed and focused and full of energy. This has transformed my life literally.”​


“As a kickboxer, it’s rare for me to find a therapist who can help me with the kind of injuries I pick up in the ring. I have had numerous professional bouts, and have sustained many injuries – most notably, the right side of my face, which is completely numb due to dead nerves (I got hit pretty hard in one of my fights). A friend recommended Axelle to me and I thought I’d give her a shot – and I’m so glad that I did! Axelle treated me with her Metamorphic Technique and her Tsuboki technique – it was a painless experience, in fact, her hands were very relaxing and soothing to the touch. As the treatment went on, I slowly started to regain feeling on the right side of my face and by the end of the session – the numbness had virtually gone! I can confidently say that Axelle has a very healing touch. She knows the ins and outs of the human anatomy and will find a way to direct pain, physical or mental, AWAY from your body…Leaving you feeling amazing and brand new! Book a session with her now! You won’t regret it! :)”

Sinead Peak, Pilates Personal Coach and ​Product Development for the Exercise Industry

“I have never travelled quite so near the stars except with the help of Axelle Bonaparte. She is a delightful human being, a pendulum for powerful movement within oneself. Thank you dear heart.”

Yuzuru Masuda

“I never considered having life coaching sessions before Axelle. From my previous experience of having metamorphic technique session with her, which opened my internal visions for a new way of living, I felt totally at ease to commit to life coaching sessions with Axelle. With an open heart and sharp insight, Axelle quickly revealed my self doubt in life was just a fear that delays my journey for no single good reason. I learned through the sessions, I was fearing nothing but my own potential which is creative and unique to my life. I have gained a lot of personal achievements in the past couple of years since I met Axelle. The focus is all about what really matters to you in life and who you are, not who we are ought to be.. Thank you Axelle!”


“Had a treatment with this amazing lady last night…Cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I felt today, I can’t explain how she does it, it’s a must! Today I was full of positivity and gratitude I achieved so much mentally and physically today…Life is so great…Thank you so much I will definitely be recommending you and coming back again…Thank you.”

Gina K

“Just to say a huge thank you for my wonderful facial on the weekend! I slept really well for an hour afterwards and I was super relaxed all weekend long with glowing skin :-)”

Uli Kloffel Amatsu practitioner, NLP, Hypnosis

“The treatment itself was a real pampering exercise and I fell into a deep relaxation. After that everything had changed: I could not help but smile all the time, I felt totally at peace and in harmony not only with myself but also with the environment. Something had shifted- I became more intuitive and could even feel the energy coming from the trees! After the next session I realized that my Amatsu treatments had become truly holistic as some channels had opened up even more so that I could be totally “in tune” with my clients which has made my treatments even more effective. What an amazing experience- Axelle is very gifted and I can recommend her as a Metamorphic Technique Practitioner highly.”​​

Aude Le Barazer Therapist and life coach at the Energy Medicine Clinic

“Axelle is a very kind thoughtful practitioner of the highest integrity. Her techniques make her special and I have not come across anything like it. I would highly recommend her work in particular, but not only, to ease emotional charges​.”

Lucy Martin

“Now I feel amazing. I have a lot of ‘get up and go’ about me and felt clear enough to seek out information on beneficial/ healthy foods. I am undergoing a big change in my life at the moment​, internally and hopefully externally too, and I feel that the metamorphic technique is and will be a big part of that.”

Nicole Bradley

” The first session was life changing. I’m now fascinated by the process and how it works. Axelle explains she is only a catalyst but whatever it is, it’s powerful. Axelle’s lovely, spirited and caring approach makes the session even more enjoyable and creates the right atmosphere for healing and positive change.”

Fabrice Marianadin​

“I work more than 12 hours a day and this has proven to be really relaxing, may be similar to a yoga session. It turned out to be really impressive, something you can physically feel, not just the heat of the person but electricity sort of feeling which really calms you down. You usually have a nice and deep sleep after a session. I would recommend it specifically for any person working in the City or with a busy schedule.”

Nadine S.

“You are a wonderfully sensitive and uplifting person who has a clear gift and passion for what you practice and this is both incredible and very inspirational to see, in so many ways.” ​

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