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Jan 19
January 2017

Happy New Year, beautiful people!

Let's thrive on this booming fresh energy when everything is possible. You are complete in the eyes of Nature however the society wants to make you feel somehow differently. You were born whole, and you still are. You don't lack of anything. All is already in your energy field so you can get everything you want. Slow the body, and just listen to what your soul is whispering to you. Listen to your heart and guts feelings as they have neurons just like your brain however they are far too often disregarded. The brain can get complicated whereas the heart and guts are straightforward. Does it feel right or not? Simple. This year's mantra is simplicity. Don't feel the need to please everyone. Go to the essential asking yourself "would that be important in 10 years?". If not, move on. We are what we do so start something in 2017. No more talking about it, just do it. Personally I shall start coding...yes! you heard me, probably screaming and shouting but I will. Those who dare do so bring it on! Keep it moving as my dear friend Sandy tells me. The 5 Tibetans Rites will do just that. Five simple movements to do everyday up to 21 each which will help with moving energy, rejuvenation and flexibility. Highly recommended as it is easy to fit within a busy schedule. Your energy will feel so different. Loving this! Honey and Cinnamon are my saviours at this time of the year as mixed together with hot water, they help with colds, digestion, weight loss particularly after some excess, immune system, fatigue, arthritis, toothache and so much more.
As promised, a big surprise for you: after 8 and half years at the Hale, I've decided to move my practice to Neal's Yard Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden from the 3rd of February. As one surprise follows another, I've changed my prices for the better: Metamorphic Technique or Tsuboki for £80 (60min) and combined session for £120 (90min). I'm very excited to be in such a beautiful and almost secretive place which feels like a private patio with no traffic. Loving it! I will be there on Fridays from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Come and start this year refreshed from old patterns, unstuck and blossoming. So excited! As I said, let's start something... and why not, together! Look forward to seeing you!
With all my love,

Dec 12
December 2016

 Hello beautiful people! Where did this year go? As you can see on my face, I'm intrigued... 

 First thing first: may I thank you all for allowing me this year into your life, for trusting me but more importantly trusting yourself, your own decisions, your own healing power, your own amazing Life Force. That makes me so happy. As you know, I don't believe in holding continuously someone's hands but more in giving a "little push" into the next level, encouraging shift and natural flow. I'm just the catalyst. You are the force. Bravo!

Let's sprinkle some magic... As you know, The Metamorphic Way supports all year around Save the Children by giving £5 for each session you get so thank you for your help. However, there's another charity very close to my heart: Crisis which helps homeless finding shelter, food and a new direction in their life. No one should be sleeping rough. No one should be in the cold. So please, visit www.crisis.org.uk whether you want to support or volunteer. Thank you.

The end of the year is a great time to pause, reflect and appreciate all your achievements. Those are similar to little dots: some bigger than others which make your journey and your unique self more complete. So take a moment during what can be the Christmas madness, and celebrate YOU. You've done a lot in the last year. You might not appreciate it all but you did. You learned, you grew, you won all the way. Some of you might be tempted to jump into 2017 and make plans, set goals & the rest of it. That's alright however let's not pressurize ourselves. Some of you might want to visualize where you will be in a year time, and even write some kind of "one year ahead" journal. Why not as the brain can't always make the difference between daydream and reality. But one thing for sure, no matter what you do, remember that fate always takes you there. Destiny can neither be rushed or pushed. So for now, simply tidy up loose ends, clear up and make some space for novelty to take place then relax, breathe and let it be. Probably the best advice in order to stay sane during the festive season... just saying!

 This might not be your usual Christmas food... then again depends where you are in the world however let's take a closer look to Tajine. This little beauty originally from Morocco contains some fantastic ingredients like Aubergines, Dates, Figs and anything you want really from chickpeas, all sort of vegetables, meat, fish... you name it. This recipe not only tastes amazing but it also keeps all vitamins as it is cooked slowly. As a result, your home will smell delicious plus you will be transported on holidays somewhere in Marrakesh. What's not to like? More importantly, aubergines are a great source of Vitamin B1, B6 as well as Potassium, Manganese, Copper and Magnesium. Easy to make and beneficial food in case your head hurts at some point during the festive season...Once again, just saying!

 And another thing:
- Boys and Girls! Just because it is Winter, there's no excuse to let go of your beauty routine so keep scrubbing. Gently but surely, scrub with fine brown sugar your whole body starting from your toes to your face. Your skin will be irresistibly soft and smell delicious... then whatever happens next is none of my business.
- The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Food for thought!
- Whatever happened in the past, know in your whole being that you are never a victim. You are a survivor. You are stronger than you know. Strong enough to go through it, and still be standing here today. I salute you as I salute myself.
-Time to let go of the 
unnecessary, travel light then gain clarity on what's next. Feel free to come for a session of Metamorphic Technique if you wish. I'll be happy to help you shift what has been in the way of your peace, well-being and natural flow then you will carry on your wonderful journey following your intuition, listening to your body and heart. The rest will follow.
Contact me on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on +44 7957 121 291.
Be the beautiful you, the Metamorphic Way! 

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Wishing you all the most magical Christmas filled with love and so much peace.
With all my love,

Nov 08
November 2016

 ...and Hello beautiful people! Yes, pink in November is the way forward. What is she on, you might wonder?  Let's find out...

 This November is all about breaking boundaries and pre-conceived ideas. Yep! nothing less. I don't know about you but sometimes my soul is "exhausted" by people who feel the need to judge, put everything in a box and let's not forget, put a stigma on others. Instead of working on themselves, they are far too busy criticizing, putting others down in an attempt to shine...And for what? There's a lot of fear of course but let's face it: it takes more effort & courage to challenge ourselves than to blame or judge. I have so much respect for my clients or anyone who is going within in order to grow. Celebrate your uniqueness: follow your own path, shine your own light, be pride of being you. 

 Which brings me naturally to this: be kind to yourself. Stay still and listen to your body as it never lies. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts go through without judgment. Remember that we are human therefore our imperfections make us perfect. Calm the body, listen to it and take action on what comes up during that time. Slow down when life gets busy which sounds contradictory but true. Forget about multitasking... it is so "yesterday": focus on one thing at the time, remove distraction and delegate the rest. Simple! Once the mind is calm, it is clear and de-cluttered therefore laser cut. Another thing: no regret as there's no mistake. Whatever happened, forgive yourself and let it go. It is part of your journey so embrace it all. Enjoy being you, you are brilliant!

 Yes, news "en vrac" are back which means "loose" for those who wonder...I did talk about "breaking boundaries" so anything and everything goes in that paragraph. Here we go:

- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Let's keep it simple. It generally works!
- Cinnamon, honey, Ginger, lemon, garlic, Turmeric with ground Pepper are your best friends particularly in this season.
- Vitamin D is necessary for vitamins and minerals to be assimilated properly so let's catch as much sun as possible or take a supplement (check with your doctor, of course)
- Many suffer from light depreciation as we go towards the end of the year: color therapy could help as well as SAD lights and lamps. Check those out!
- Sugar cravings can often be due to a lack of Chromium and /or Magnesium. It is indeed something to think about. 
- As the temperature drops, let's remember moisturizing in & out: drink water with lemon (ideally), eat good fats (coconut, olive oil, uncooked butter), nuts...etc. Apply your daily moisturizer all over the face and neck. So often, forehead, sides of the eyes and neck seem to be forgotten... for some reason. And you do not want to forget those, trust me! 
 Busy looking after others and dealing with the "hurdles of life"? Remember that you are human, unique and real. You are not broken, you are perfect. Allow Life to do its work as well. Trust and let it be. Et voila!

Let me know how it goes on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on +44 7957 121 291. Be the beautiful you, the Metamorphic Way! 
Have the most fabulous month!
With all my love,

Oct 04
October 2016


 ...and Hello beautiful people, I've missed you. Let's make this new month a special one. Let's live the Magic Way!


Did you know that Educate comes from the Latin word Educo which means "develop from within"? How interesting! Education is not just about the books you read, the places you go, the grades you obtain but what you do with those, and how much you stretch yourself as a being. Education comes in many shapes and forms so absorb it all then make it yours with your own flavor and personal touch. This is your own way, your magic way!

 If you believe, you will receive. The power of thought is amazing as we know. Make a wish, believe in it, and as your right & left brains are very much connected, it will happen. Don't forget to add a bit of action though then let it come to you. Magic is real! Also when we are scared of making a change, it's even more of a reason to go for it. The ego will always judge, and put limits to our dreams so dare to go beyond. If it is in your mind then it is already within your energy field therefore it is possible. Magic!

As we get older, we might become more sensible than sensitive. Then again... As a sensitive soul myself, I don't perceive it as a curse but as a blessing. I feel before I think, and that gives me a lot of information. This sixth sense keeps me away from trouble. It also makes me feel alive and yes, sometimes it does hurt but I wouldn't change a thing as those little "antennas" are simply magical. So feel more and keep your heart open. Allow your little "antennas" to guide you in your very own magic way! 

Life always provides, and as we know, our needs will be met. So let's not worry, and follow our intuition instead. This inner guidance is always right so just breathe, find silence within then let that little voice be heard. And let's face it, we are simply magic!

And no, it's not me on the picture.Thank you! Give it few years though...You are so cheeky! There would be no magic without a magic potion so here it is: drink a table spoon of Olive Oil Extra Virgin mixed with a teaspoon of fresh Lemon juice first thing in the morning. Then wait for 15 mins before eating your breakfast. Them what? Well, your Gallbladder will be grateful. You were expecting something else, didn't you? Well this little wonder is the magic link between the Liver and the Intestine so you want to keep it happy. Other "magic potions" include: Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother), water with water, Dandelion, Garlic, Ginger, Onions and lots of vegetables. Stay away from chocolate (ouch!), coffee (ouch! again) dairy and red meat. Et voila! Magic.

And yes, I couldn't resist! I have to say many of my clients do tell me that I have magic hands when I do Metamorphic Technique and Tsuboki Japanese facial massage. So if you need extra magic, do let me know on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on +44 7957 121 291. As you can see, the magic way is simply the Metamorphic Way! 

Have a magical month!
With all my love,

Sep 06
September 2016

 Hello beautiful people, Indian Summer is on its way so let's keep our sexyness going!

 The easiest and simplest way to add an extra glow to your complexion, and improve your well-being as well as your clarity of mind is to breathe. We all take it for granted but  why not add a little twist to it? First, focus on exhaling deeply as the inhaling will come automatically but why not adding a word to it? Exhale fear and inhale courage; exhale guilt and inhale peace...etc. Adding an emotion to your breath will for some reason make it deeper and more powerful. Nice and easy!

Don't you dare buying into the "September Blues", also known as "holidays are over, back to school, shorter days syndrome"...don't even go there! Instead: go outside as much as you can, walk 30 mins a day, eat color packed food, dance or shake your butty like there's no tomorrow, plan your next holiday, start a new activity...etc. Who said Autumn is boring? There's plenty to do. Enjoy the scenery as nature is changing and appreciate you are changing as well and always for the best. Come on!

As you know, I regularly obsess with food and not just for the taste and pleasure of it as those generally end up on my butt ...let's not go there... I also love food which benefits the whole body. Lately it's been all about Paprika which is rich in Vitamin A, E, K, Beta-carotene and Iron. This little beauty helps your skin glow, fights age spots, reduces lines. So why not use it as a mask: one tablespoon of Paprika mixed with two tablespoons of honey and leave it for 20 mins. Rinse well and your skin will be grateful (always advised to test it first on a small area). Paprika can also prevent spider veins, hair loss, inflammation in the body, arthritis and so much more. Loving it!

How often do we think we have it all figured out then life knocks us out in the best way possible? The power of life is always here to remind us that we are not alone, that we don't have to do it all, and that we are part of a bigger picture. Some decisions are made for us and always for our best even if sometimes it doesn't make sense. How reassuring to know we are guided and protected at all times! So relax, surrender and allow life to surprise you. It's all good! The Universe is always on time.

 ...are beautiful in & out. You decide what comes into your mind. You choose to forgive others and yourself as you are perfect. You choose to be happy. You recognize your patterns. You always transform. You allow yourself to feel the way you do. You listen to your body. You are precious. You stop judging yourself. You love yourself in a healthy way. You are gentle with yourself. You are unique as well as your purpose in life. You are loved. You are enough. You are alive. You are protected.

We love you.


Axelle and whoever is hugging my face! ​

Aug 02
August 2016


 Hello beautiful people, whatever you do this month, JUST RELAX! Here are some tips to do just that...

 Peace is what we all want. Whether it is inner peace or peace in this world, the idea remains the same. Finding a place of alignment, a moment of silence, a heaven of stillness is what we are aiming for. In challenging moments, the safe place is within. Always go back within the body particularly when the mind goes over drive and doesn't make sense of the brutality of this world. Go within and breathe. Slowly but surely, peace will come. Real change happens when people unite so let's get together in that moment of inner silence and create peace. TOGETHER.

Coffee is my second best friend after dark chocolate therefore a double expresso is one of my daily pleasures...And this little wonder is full of beans...haha, I'm hilarious...as it reduces the risk of dementia, diabetes, cancer, stroke. It also helps with longevity, improves your mood, boosts your workout and helps burning fat as well as reducing cellulite. What's not to like? But did you know that grounded coffee can be used as ants repellent, shoe or fridge deodorizer, skin exfoliant, hair shine solution, compost material or even as a pet grooming solution? You won't look at this little beauty the same way ever again, will you?

Sandy Parris, founder of the award winning bespoke event planning company, "Ladies who lunch" has invited me to speak this coming Sunday, the 31st at her event: "Relax and stay stress free". It starts at 9:30am until 11:45am at Carluccio's/ Covent Garden on Garrick Street, first floor private room. It will be all about relaxation tips and stress proof tools for the body, mind and soul as well as an amazing brunch filled with fun and laughter. £15 all inclusive! So contact the magnificent Sandy on ladieswholunchuk@gmail.com to reserve your seat, your "giggle spot"...just realized what I wrote, giggle spot has nothing to do with G spot so we are clear...I'm not sure where this is going! Sandy is going to kick my "derriere" but knowing her as the coolest girl in town, she will just smile and carry on!

We all know about Watermelon but the Cantaloupe melon or Muskmelon is very often disregarded. This little beauty always reminds me of beach holidays in Argeles, South East of France. So juicy and refreshing, we would eat it daily at the start of the dinner when adults would add a bit of Porto on their plate...Not only does it taste amazing, it also helps with all kind of digestive issues and fights acidity in the body. It works wonders for the skin texture and keeps spots away. It is also rich in nutrients like Iron and Folic acid. And the best way to choose the right one is to smell it. No smell and it will be  tasteless. It has to have a strong smell. I can see you sniffing melons all Summer. I know I will which probably explains a lot....

Whatever you do this Summer, slow down. Take a moment to smell the roses and rest. The world won't stop if you don't do this or that. Life is for living. Put your own sanity first and switch off. Keep your body hydrated and eat what you need to maintain your body alkaline. Switch off your mind by staying present. Happiness is made of little moments of appreciation. So just enjoy your life, the people around you and all the privileges we all take for granted. Stay in the here and now. Relax! 

Peace to you and to this world.


From me to you with gratitude,

(My best angle...)

Jul 05
July 2016

Hello beautiful people, you will never "brexit" my heart so let's have some much needed fun TOGETHER.

 I can hear you shouting at your screen: who is he? well, well, well.... may I introduce you to Mister Sedat Sag, former national Turkish boxing champion and founder of the North London Boxing Club who happens to be my teacher as I'm back to my boxing training... I wonder why! More seriously, boxing is the perfect all around workout... behave yourself! It is estimated to be 70-80% anaerobic and 20-30% aerobic, making you fitter faster than ever, improving your heart and metabolism, making you strong, releasing tensions and stress, improving your self-confidence and self-defense capacity. What's not to like? You may end up like a sweaty, red tomato with freezy hair like me but who cares when you can enjoy the scenery... if you see what I mean? So if you are panicking to the idea of putting on your bikini soon, come and get fit in no time with us. He's teaching Tues/Thurs at 7:45pm or Sundays at noon at Fitshape, 112 Alexander road, London N10 2AH or visit www.northlondonboxing.co.uk as he also teaches in East London. Classes are 50% men, 50% women so the atmosphere is cool... like the teacher. And for those of you who can't  join us... well, at least you have the picture to look at. Enjoy!

 When and if the sun is out, why not drink something refreshing and good for you? As we don't do boring you and I, let's get some exciting mixes: fresh cherry lemonade, green Jasmine iced tea with lemon, green tea and mango, iced mint tea, Rosemary infused cucumber lemonade, Orange Earl Grey iced tea, Basil lemonade, iced Rooibos Mint tea, Papaya and Lime lemonade...or simply mix & match whatever you come across and experiment. Of course, you can add something a little bit stronger... Have fun with it!

 When Life takes over and decides for you, all you can do is surrender. I've learnt in the past that you can give your heart and soul to somebody or something but if it is not meant to be then you have to let go. Your heart will hurt like hell, your mind won't understand, your body will be ripped open but then will come the acceptance and suddenly you'll start to breathe again. You will rebuild your life somewhere else and realize that life doesn't have to be so complicated. All those efforts were meant to get you here today knowing what you know. Everything will make sense some day. I trust Life. Always.

Summer can be the time of lazy afternoons on the beach or sticky commutes so let's get prepared: whatever you do, maintain your once a week gentle scrub with brown sugar (face and body), your mask (green argyle or banana and yogurt homemade for example...I trust you to be creative...do send the selfies though!), rose water to calm any irritations, prepare your skin for the sun (Tsuboki facial massage comes to mind...), take the time to massage yourself or get massaged by a very devoted one, enjoy your senses in full, let your body breathe in comfortable clothes (cotton based) or once at home wear very little, take full advantage of the temperature and let your body free and feel. Use refreshing oils like lemon or lavender which also repel insects, always a plus. Spend time in Nature in early evening, walk around, breathe deeply and enjoy your surrounding. Take it all in whatever it is. You are alive. Celebrate!

Little note: I won't be around from the 1st of August until the 10th of August taking my sister to see the Lavender Fields in the south of France and carry on celebrating her 50th birthday. This lady rocks and I love her with all my heart. Prepare yourselves in the south, the sisters are coming. I'll make sure to bring you back some extra sunshine and vavavoom. Until then, enjoy whatever you do and celebrate yourselves. You are the best!


From me to you with gratitude,

(Me on my surf...what happened to my curls?..and I'm blonde...what!)

Jun 07
June 2016

Hello beautiful people, so many things to CELEBRATEthis month. Let's kick start the PARTY!

Nineteen years ago, the 6th of May 1997 exactly, I came to London to have a look & heal a broken heart and I never looked back. After growing up in the military then travelling for 11 years, it was time for me to stop somewhere, grow some roots and build. And what better place than the mesmerizing London? Fascinating part of the world made of beautiful people like you. Add to this: open- minded, fast, creative and full of beans. What's not to love? So, thank you London for always being there for me; for making anything possible; for stretching my mind; for feeding my dreams. London & Londoners, I love you!

  Obviously, May seems to be the month of new beginnings for me as 8 years ago, The Metamorphic Way was born. Turning 40 was the perfect time to give birth to something which still brings me so much joy. However there's no particular age or situation to open a new chapter in your life. It is a blank page therefore open to any suggestions. What makes you happy is a start. What makes you feel in alignment with your values, your sense of being, your core are also something to look at. Go within and listen. Feel what seems to be that invisible light that guides you. I'm excited about my next chapter. I trust that Life will show me at the right time. It is already within me. I can feel it. Everything you are is already present within your energy field. Stay excited about Life and simply allow. You are magical!

Just because we are an adult, a so called "grown-up", doesn't make us right. It actually makes us often more confused than anything. Let's carry on expanding instead of shrinking behind judgment just because we have been on this planet for longer. It is easy to be bitter. And bitterness often translates by a narrow mind. Life never stops expanding and that's the fun of it. Trying to hold on things or people is like going against nature. Let's stay in flow instead: fresh, energized, young in spirit and growing happy! Never stop growing, learning, experimenting, enjoying, stretching your beautiful wings! Let's do this.

Springtime is gorgeous however hay fever is far from sexy. Let's go for some natural remedies: Echinacea drops which will boost your immune system as our body "reads" pollen as bugs and reacts quite drastically with sneezing, running nose, itching eyes and the rest of it. Also Chamomile which contains flavonoids, a powerful anti-inflammatory can be used as tea or compress on your eyes once the tea cools down. Local honey which will desensitize your body. Garlic, anti-inflammatory and a great source of quercetin, a natural histamine will boost your immune system as well. So, if you don't fall asleep with your Chamomile tea or repel any potential love interest with Garlic breath then you will remain hay fever free and damn sexy!

Yes, you are! You and only you can do the things you do the way you do them. You are unique. Be pride of being you. You are here to serve your unique purpose. It's not always easy to know what it is and that's alright. It comes when the time is right. And talking of timing, I would love to give an hour of free Life Coaching on Skype or over the phone to anyone who books a session of Metamorphic Technique or Tsuboki Japanese facial massage this month. As I said, May is a special month in my heart and I want to give something back so let's celebrate together! Get in touch on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on +44 7957 121 291.

                     Sending you so much love and wishing you all a sunny month!



From me to you with gratitude,

Apr 05
April 2016

Hello beautiful people, April is full of fun and it is my birth month so bring it on! Let's come out of Winter and give birth to ourselves. Let's sparkle again!

 You know how much I believe in simplicity and what is more natural than giving or receiving a hug. But did you know it can help boost your immune system as the hormone oxytocin is released? Also we become more present, our fears diminish and our muscles regenerate faster. Our stress level is reduced as cortisol, the stress hormone is lower when hugging or kissing...one thing can lead to another as we know. Hugging is supposed to slower your heart beat but then again, it depends who you are hugging. Once again, I'm not responsible for what could happen following that hugging frenzy. Saying that, April is my birthday month so you know what you have to do. I told you it would be fun!

As you know, I've spent and still spending all March with no chocolate whatsoever. The word hell comes to mind. So I had to find some peace: honey, blueberry muffins, ginger cookies did help for a while. But the real thing and savior, I should say has been Jasmine Green Tea. How do you manage the transition...would you ask? Well! It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; it boots the immune system and reduces stress similar to dark chocolate. Magical! It has anti-bacterial properties; it helps with digestion and metabolism therefore encourages weight loss. And so much more. Of course, it does content caffeine so do pace yourself. What I might do though on the 1st of April is mixing Jasmine Green Tea and some dark chocolate. I'm wild...I know! 

You know how much I love lemon and its alkaline effect on the body but let's have some fun with it! Let's mix it with my other magical ingredient, Turmeric and some warm water in the morning. You will be amazed how this mix will detox your body, help you lose weight, prevent cough and cold, improve digestion and boost your immune system. Et voila! 

 I've survived Easter! Neither chocolate bunnies nor eggs got anywhere near me. 31 days of absolute torture, let's face it. So please, support the British Heart Foundation with anything you can. Thank YOU. It would be so wonderful.  Visit https://www.justgiving.com/axellebonaparte/. But on the 1st of April, prepare yourself as all dark chocolate in London will be mine. You've been warned!

 Your mind is a canvas on which you decide what color is there to be used. Your mind is your tool. You decide which picture you want to draw. You are in control. What you put in your mind will show in your life so choose carefully. Choose also which people you want around you as they can influence your picture. If you can't, draw a mental line, an energetic border those people won't be able to cross. You have the power. You choose.

New day at the Hale: I'm now available on Mondays from 5:30pm to 8:30pm or upon request so feel free to book yourself in on 07957 121 291 or axelle@themetamorphicway.com. It would be my pleasure to help you shift blocks or patterns and make you feel "unstuck" with Metamorphic Technique. Or why not help your skin blossom again after months of Winter with Tsuboki Japanese facial massage and flush out accumulated toxins? One of the latest comments I received: "Thank you, dear Axelle for all your support and encouragement. It really helped." Always a pleasure to help. That's what makes me happy in life. Just say the word.

                                                Wishing you all a sunny month!



From me to you with love,

Mar 08
March 2016

Hello beautiful people, Spring is on its way, my favorite season. YES! So let's celebrate it with some tips and extra giggles. Just for you!

 Yes, it is time to Spring-clean our home, body and mind. Acidity in the body is not our friend therefore alkalizing it, is what we want in order to reduce inflammation and help flushing out toxins. We all know about lemon in water which despite its acidic taste has an alkalizing effect on the body. So fresh lemon in water it will be. I like simple solution. However acidity can come as well from frustration or anger towards others or ourselves. So let's check in with ourselves and forgive even if we don't know how. Just breathe and let go. Anger and frustration are often based on fear so let's choose Life instead. Let's trust this amazing Life Force we all have as it always provides. It always did and always will. Stars don't need to worry in order to shine so breathe and release the fear. Everything is going to be alright!  As a friend of mine said: "It's either faith or fear as it can't be both" and he's right. And let's face it, how long do we want to "marinate" in that soup? At some point, it has to be eaten. So goodbye fear and bonjour Life!

Another way to Spring-clean: as you brush your teeth daily, why not "cleaning your subconscious" with daily writing? Let your fingers be on the driving seat and see what happens. You might be surprised. Just let go, don't judge and let it be. Also, don't compare yourself to others as you are on your own journey. Just relax and stay present. And why not do this little exercise: take each letter of your name, don't overthink it and see which word comes first to your mind for each letter. Interesting.

 You all know about my love or should I say, my daily obsession with dark chocolate. Well, it is all about to change this month as I'm on a "dechox" supporting the British Heart Foundation. No chocolate or anything with chocolate for 31 days. Why am I torturing myself just before Easter, would you say? Because they are doing an exceptional work and I think it is the least I can do to help. Are you with me? Why not joining me on this "dechoxing" or supporting if you can on:  https://www.justgiving.com/axellebonaparte/. Thank you from the bottom of my HEART!

 I love recommending practitioners who I believe are the very best. And Ka Hang Leoungk is no exception. Thanks to her signature Age Defense cosmetic acupuncture, she can help rejuvenating your skin in a gentle yet effective way. Gentleness always goes a long way in my view as you know. She can also help you fine-tuning your body for this change of season therefore de-stressing and rebalancing it. Feel free to check her website: www.pointspace.co.uk for more information and do not hesitate to see her. She's simply amazing. She's also highly knowledgeable (graduated in UK and China) and she has the best sense of humor. We are actually thinking of becoming stand-up comedians under the name of The Monkeys...you don't want to know. 


Mother's Day is getting closer, it is this weekend actually. Why not treating her to a Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage, a session of Metamorphic Technique or a great little book? The choice is yours. For more info, go on www.themetamorphicway.com or contact me on axelle@themetamorphicway.com. Gift voucher available. As for the book, click Axelle Bonaparte on Amazon or "How to make your life work: daily guide to sanity". Nice and simple. Make her feel as unique and beautiful as she is. She deserves it. Happy Mother's Day!
 Wishing you all a magic month!


From me to you with love,

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