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​​​​​​​​​​Cover2.jpgLife gets busier and faster. 

How can we cope, and keep our balance physically and emotionally? 

This book will give you simple tips and solutions. But more importantly, it will put a smile on your face, and that's priceless. It will help you stay in alignment with your true self, and bring you some precious tools to gain clarity. It is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback, and contains two parts: Body and Mind&Spirit. Small paragraphs to which you can refer when needed. Life is complicated enough. 

Enjoy! Buy Now​

What the readers say (Amazon reviews)​:

"Well sometimes we don't have any tools for life when things go wrong, this little hand book is a gem of go too help for every conundrum of modern living reminding us of the basic grounding principles for a good life. Thanks for pulling us through Axelle!"

"Written with personality, warmth and humour, this engaging read is a reaffirmation of all that we know to be true. A "warm, fragrant bath" for the spirit."

"A terrific, inspirational and thought provoking book to help you in life - I highly recommend it!"

"Her book is the next best thing to having a treatment if you don't live in the UK. It's full of so much wisdom about everything to do with optimising your health, life and happiness. I loved it, it's not only wise but Axelle's style of writing is so funny it made me laugh out loud at times on the tube! I sure got plenty of funny looks : ) I really felt like Axelle was sitting there talking to me, her style of writing is so funny and engaging. What a brilliant little book! Recommend to all.​"​