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What people say:

"Tsuboki has done wonders for my complexion. Who needs a face surgeon if you have Axelle...a bit of Axelle magic is def visible." S. from Models 1

"With an open heart and sharp insight, Axelle quickly revealed my self doubt in life was just a fear that delays my journey for no single good reason. I learned through the sessions, I was fearing nothing but my own potential which is creative and unique to my life. I have gained a lot of personal achievements in the past couple of years since I met Axelle​" Yuzuru Masuda

"I could not help but smile all the time, I felt totally at peace and in harmony not only with myself but also with the environment. Something had shifted.Uli Kloffel

"Axelle is a very kind thoughtful practitioner of the highest integrity. Her techniques make her special and I have not come across anything like it.​" Aude Le Barazer

save the children.jpgThe Metamorphic Way gives £5 from each session to 

Save the Children.​​ 

Beauty or Healing or a bit of both,  

the choice is yours!

                                 YOUR SKIN WILL LOVE YOU FOR IT                                     Your skin is a reflection of what's going on inside, physically and emotionally. In order to energize​ it and main​tain that beautiful glow of yours, choose Tsuboki Japanese facial massage.​ 

£90 at The Hale clinic (1h)


          Are you tired of repeating the same old thing? Are you facing blocks and patterns getting in the way of who you are?​​ Time to gain some clarity and shift the unnecessary. Choose Metamorphic Technique or Awakening Life Coaching. 

£90 at The Hale clinic (1h)

                                          IN NEED OF SOME TLC?                                                When life is simply too busy but​​ nothing seems to be done, it's time to take a break. Choose Mix & Match, a mix of Tsuboki and Metamorphic Technique for an hour and a half session of pure heaven. Relaxation, clarity and a beautiful glow. Treat yourself, you so deserve it. ​

£125 at The Hale (1h30)

For more information and/or booking, please contact me on axelle@themetamorphicway.com or on 07957 121 291.​


Look forward to meeting you.

Take care,