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​​​image001.png"For the person in your life who deserves some genuine TLC, Bonaparte’s healing hands have already worked wonders on many a Londoner. Her Metamorphic Technique — a contact- point therapy administered through the therapist’s fingertips — is used to treat everything from insomnia to anxiety.​"
Emma McCarthy, The Evening Standard

"This facial massage was incredible! Stress-relieving, relaxing and my skin looked firmer and glowing afterwards (not that I have particularly saggy or dull skin, but I could see the difference!)​." 
Rebecca Goodyear, Biteable Beauty

​"...​My treatment with her was such a beautiful experience. Axelle was so gentle with me, and she treated me in a very caring and nurturing way...The treatment really helped me get over a few personal issues that I was stuck thinking about and gave me so much more confidence. I'm totally over those issues now and never worried about them again. In fact I forgot them so much that wondered why I even worried about it in the first place! So all in all, a treatment I highly recommend..." 
Tete, Naturopathy​​ for Health & Beauty​
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Tsuboki points.png
"It was as though someone had taken all my frustration, sadness and regret, sorted them and then put them away into boxes before discarding them like old belongings to the charity shop. For anyone who has been through colossal life changes, unexpected loss, severe stress or overwhelming feelings, why not give The Metamorphic Technique a go."
Rebecca Goodyear, Biteable Beauty

"Axelle is very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and her calm, friendly and caring nature shines through from the minute you meet her. You will leave feeling uplifted, relaxed and with a more toned, rejuvenated and youthful complexion ... I would definitely recomment the Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage with Axelle at the Hale Clinic to anyone who wants a natural way to boost the skin and have a bit of a pick me up, or anyone who simply feels like they need to de-stress! My skin was glowing the next day!"
Aneequa Bhatti, Skinhealthlove.com

download.jpg​​​​​​​​​"I am calmer & more grounded and all of a sudden I started doing things that I love but long neglected due to my schedule. I crave the sense of calm and not doing anything. I drink more water, I pace myself a little better and somehow I feel good about the choices that I am making. I now bite my tongue before offering my opinion and advice, asking myself whether is it truly required or if I will simply waste my energy which won’t be appreciated or reciprocated." 
Galina ​Atchkassova- Portianoi, Galinka.co.uk, A curious Russian in London
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"Glowing skin, tranquil sleep and a magical ability to suddenly get things done are just some of the benefits.
Treatment: Metamorphic Technique with Tsuboki facial massage.
Expert: Vivacious Frenchwoman Axelle Bonaparte is a trained life coach who is skilled in delicate tapping treatments the Metamorphic Technique and Tsuboki. Her wisdom is delivered free with the therapies.
Experience: Metamorphic focuses on the feet and hands, while Tsuboki is a Japanese facial technique. Both involve super-fast fingertip massage, featherlight tapping and stroking. Blissful is an understatement.
Science: The hands, feet and face contain nerve endings and spinal reflex points. Working on them is said to release debilitating patterns of physical behaviour and emotional blocks by freeing the flow of energy through the body. It might sound hippie-dippy but the results can be dramatic.
Results: Glowing skin, tranquil sleep and a magical ability to suddenly get things done are just some benefits of an hour-and-a-half with Axelle." 
Charlotte Ross, The Evening Standard

bodhi luxe.jpg

"Another subtle yet highly effective facial massage also hailing from Japan is Tsuboki. Involving delicate acupressure moves, it feels more like a full body massage as it relaxes the entire body by working the meridians. The lymphatic system is rebalanced to eliminate waste and encourage better circulation for more radiant skin. Practitioner Axelle Bonaparte, based at London’s The Hale Clinic, believes the technique helps to release negative chi that holds back our natural vibrancy. In addition to the physical movements, the process of liberation gives a physical glow. My verdict: you may feel groggy in the hours that follow, but the compliments on your skin will start rolling in on the second day.​" 

Dija Ayodele, Bodhi Luxe

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image001.pngBest Alternative Treatments in London Runner-up: Metamorphic Technique with Axelle Bonaparte. "This subtle therapy consists of gentle tapping and stroking of spinal reflex points on feet, hands and body. It leaves you feeling euphoric and is an excellent way to "spring clean" your mind. Simple but effective."
Charlotte Ross, Evening Standard​

mag_cover.jpg"The Metamorphic Technique is based on the belief that every cell holds memories from our time in the womb and that negative emotions can create debilitating energy patterns which can hold us back from discovering our true potential...My therapist, the divine and fantastically named Axelle Bonaparte gently tapped spinal reflex points on my feet, hands and head, although tapping is possibly too strong a word for it. It's more like being stroked by feathers- the most indescribably delicious sensation- and I was totally blissed out within a matter of minutes...It can be used to treat a variety of ailments ranging from stress and insomnia to relationship issues, chronic fatigue syndrome and addictions. And while its effect can be subtle, they are nothing short of miraculous. Axelle warned me that I might feel very sleepy or alternatively incredibly energised as my body responded to shifts in energy but instead I just felt absurdly positive and happy. And with that, I'm certainly not complaining."
Emma Van Hinsbergh, Natural Health

spirit and destiny.jpg 

"Having previously had reflexology I was expecting this technique to feel similar, but the fast yet gentle sensation was far more soothing, Axelle's hands are so soft and her touch so light that it was easy to imagine feathers brushing my foot rather than fingers. As she moved on to the sole and big toe before working the same magic on my left foot, I began to drift off on a tide of blissful relaxation...I'm amazed at my new lease of life and boosted energy levels since experiencing the Metamorphic Technique. My renewed positivity has even prompted me to stop drinking, get fit and volunteer at my local cat shelter- things I've been talking about doing for years."
Lisa Cornwell, Spirit&Destiny​


"I lay on a massage table, fully clothed, while Bonaparte tapped and stroked points on my feet, hands and head. I felt very relaxed, even falling asleep at one point. Being a bit of a sceptic, I was surprised that as she worked on the points in my hand, I saw bright white lights and got an incredible feeling of energy and clarity- very X Files. I skipped home and slept better than I had for months."
Ellie O'Mahoney, Marie-Claire​

soul and spirit.jpg 

"Axelle's fingers feel like butterflies wings as they brush softly yet rapidly against my skin... As she begins gently stroking a five centimetre section on the inside of my right foot, I am all of a sudden transported to one of the most heavenly, relaxed states of being I've ever experienced. It's like being stroked by fairies... It seems to have helped me face up to some long-standing emotional dilemmas that had been around for a while and bring them out into the open... But if you are feeling stuck and want to open up to the real you hiding inside, perhaps Metamorphic Technique is the key, and you'll be one of the lucky people who comes out of their cocoon to morph into a beautiful butterfly."
Katy Evans, Soul&Spirit​
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"...It's non-invasive so is ideal for children, the elderly and pregnant women...The touch is felt as a soft, circular rubbing or light tapping."
The practitioner acts as a catalyst to release energy within the body, adds Bonaparte.
Hannah Fox, Healthy
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"Lie back and relax while practitioner Axelle Bonaparte spends an hour gently touching spinal reflex points on your bare feet, hands and head, which will encourage your body to heal itself. After a few days you'll feel serene, emotionally balanced and full of energy"
Malika Dalamal, Daily Candy​


"This relaxing technique involves feather-light strokes to spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head....The practitioner acts as a catalyst to stimulate the body's healing....Patients have stress-related conditions, such as insomnia. Many also feel as if they've come to a standstill in their life."

Karen Evennett, Woman's Own​

stella.jpg ​

"To a sceptic it may seem like a load of nonsense but to its fans the METAMORPHIC TECHNIQUE is the perfect holistic de-stresser. An hour session can help with many modern woes: sleep disorders, stress, career changes. Axelle Bonaparte at the Hale clinic"
Katie Webb & Charlie Harrington,
Stella / The Sunday Telegraph​​​